Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry for the Delay-- but we are in Guangzhou!!! Also I got the video uploaded!!!

Spell check is not working-- sorry-- Im not going back and editing-- this post has taken me hours. Sorry for the misspelling

Sorry for the delay in posting but we were traveling all day yesterday to Guangzhou and our flight was over an hour late into GZ and then a 40 min drive to hotel and when we got there they did not have the room we paid for available so we had to go to a room and then get transfered today-- uggg!!! Needless to say, we were exhausted by the time we finally got in our room and literllay dropped the bags and left for dinner.

Anyway, first things first. I was able to get the video to upload since we are now in Guangzhou. It takes forever so I will add a few each day, but for now here is the first couple video's when we were in the orphanage. This first one is adorable when she came to me so quickly and willingly-- that was the last time she willingly came to me. We are still working on that but for now she is not fond of moma-- in any way shape or form-- totally sucks but Im ok for now-- uggg!! So I like to look back on this video of happy times when Finley didnt hate her momma-- awwww!!!

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This second video is of us at lunch at the orphanage. Volunteers had made dumplings and we got to share a meal with the staff and volunteers. Here we are just talking about Finley.

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This video is of a severe CP girl who is older getting her gift. As far as I can tell, she is cognitivly there but her body just doesnt comply. She can not walk but she speaks and took each item out of her gift and examined each thing and then put it back. IT was very sweet and she is such a beautiful girl!!

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Before we left Shangyang, we said goodbye to our great new friends Ferell, Davida, Morgan and Chrsitian. They are Expats who work for Michellin Tires and they are relocated in Shenyang for 3 to 5 years. They were amazing people and we feel blessed to have gotten to know them.

A picture with them before we left. They actually got to move into their apartment the day we left so they were very happy in light of their 2.5 week hotel stay.

Just a random picture of Finley getting a blow dry after a bath.

So then we left for the airport and our wonderful day of travel-- uggg!!! Just a long day.

Finley did great on the flight and it was nice to have the seat between Kevin and I to move around a bit. Finley did not want to sit in her seat--- rather in an attempt to stay away from evil mom, she sat in Kevin's lap.

And a pitiful attempt to sit by mom for a picture. She was not happy as you can see-- she actually cried when forced to be around me.

When we finally got to Guangzhou and made it to our room, we dropped our bags and headed to dinner and guess who we saw walking down our hall to visit us in our room-- Myra-- my wonderful RQ friend who is here adopting her son Will who is also a Spina Bifida kid. We always joked that we had to have our SB kids play in GZ together-- well that came to fruition last night. Myra joined us for dinner then we went to their hotel room with another family who adopted their son Luke who is deaf and sat and talked for a couple hours. Guess what--- beer in China is cheaper than water-- so guess what the men decided to drink last night-- your guessed it beer!!!

All the kids hanging out playing-- Finley actually ventured away from Kevin for short periods of time to play with the kids. We were so pleased!!!

Handsome Will!!!

Finley and Will -- our two SB kids playing on the floor together. We never thought we would see that day.

We went to bed late-- about 11pm which for us was very later since we have been going to bed really early. We woke up and had a long breakfast meeting a ton of adoptive family at our hotel-- The Victory. We then had to meet our guide to go to Finley's medical appoitment and TB test.

Before we went to the exam we walked the island (we stay on Shamin Island and it is a very Western Island that caters to adoptive families) and Finley was on cloud 9!! She loves being outside and was thrilled to be able to run around and play. We were thrilled as well becuase she actually did not shun me and even held my hand at one point while we were walking. I think I even got a few smiles which is huge!!!!

She loves walking the walls which are everywhere so our little girl is a happy camper and has great coordination.

Happy girl!!!

They have amazing fountains and Finley loved the water sooo very much. She would have gone in if we would have let her.

Just thrilled!!!! She is loving this place!!!

All of the kids and the locals are off school on holiday so they are out and about dancing and even doing gymnastics!!

We then went to the medical exam and first had to stop for a picture for something-- I have just stopped asking what we are doing things for. I just smile and follow like a little lamb.

We have the same picture of Mia sitting in this same seat almost 4 years ago!!!!

Before going into the physical exam -- which by the way was a joke. It seems so official with all the white coats and all the "exams" that are done-- but really they do nothing more than squeek a toy duck next to Finley's head and if she turns to look at it she is "healthy" with good hearing. Totally a joke-- and an expensive one as well!!!

The room where you wait is normally fill of adoptive families but since they are doing our trip a bit different becuase of Chinese New Year, we were the only ones there.

Weight and height-- height was 36.5 and weight was 33 pounds. They say they take off the height of her shoes but im not so sure they did that or not.

About to have the duck thing to make sure she hears correctly-- so lame!

Walking through Guangzhou after the medical. This is a statue of the old grandma, mom and young lady. The grandma has bound feet-- cool statue.

Playing at the playground. She loved playing and even let me play with her a bit. We are making baby steps towards her attempting to tolerate me-- not there yet-- but we are moving in the right direction. Interestingly enough, most of the moms I have met have daughters or sons who are shunning them the same way Finley is with me. Makes me feel not so alone. It is hard building up to love this little one and then her wanting literally nothing to do with you. Makes me very sad but I know she will eventually like me-- hopefully!! Glad to see I am not alone in this.

She plays very well with other kids as well.

She actually let me go down the slide with her-- shocking but true!! Mom aint so bad after all!!!

So that is where we are. Going well and Finley is in absolute love with her daddy. It is absolutly beautiful the way they get along and how much she loves her baba and gets comfort from him. It is precious and KEvin is doing amazingly. He is not sick of the cling on rather he knows she needs this and is accepting is with grace. I am so impressed with my amazing husband. Again, I know she will warm to me in time. We have 7 more days to get to know eachother and I am praying by the end she will like me better-- we will see. Tomorrow we are going to shop in Guangzhou. Other than that, sorry for the delay in posting but we are doing great.

Kids, we miss you so much and will call tomorrow. I wish I would hug and kiss each of you. Be good for Cass and we will talk soon!!!!


  1. How exciting! Finley looks great. WE are in Guangzhou too, but leaving tomorrow afternoon, maybe we will run into each other.


  2. Awwww...Christy....she is precious! It has to hurt when she rejects you, but she'll get there! GZ will do amazing things!! Enjoy the island. I can't wait to be back there!

  3. Glad to hear that Finley's starting to see you might be cool to hang out with too! :)

    Your photos of Guangzhou make me miss it so much...LOVED those few days there. And wish I could come shopping with you today!! Have fun! Last time we were there, we missed you by one day - you left GZ on the day we arrived I think!

  4. She looks like she is bonding wonderfully & is so beautiful!!! Very happy for you all! Graysen loved watching the video of Finley with Mrs. Wang! She was his nanny when he was at the orphanage! Have a safe trip home!


  5. She is beautiful. Praying she attatxhes soon to you and that God would give you encouragement during this time.

  6. Hang in there. She will be with you at least the next 18 years. You will be a favorite person of hers soon! I know how hard it is too.

  7. I am so sorry that Finley is rejecting you a bit. I know from reading all of these stories though that is normal and she will learn to trust you here in short time. I will pray for you and for her and that it will happen quickly. She is darling.

  8. Christy, She looks great! And you are doing great! Sorry to keep asking you questions, but we are getting ready to go in only 13 days! So it looks like you don't need a carrier? What size clothes is she wearing? I think our little one is a little smaller, but not much. Enjoy Guangzhou! And don't worry about her attaching to you. It will come!

  9. amazing! love looking at the pictures.

  10. Oh my goodness! That first video is just adorable! Finley looks like such a good little eater too! Enjoy your time in China!

  11. LOVE all the videos...
    Great memories..
    I sooo remember when you got Mia and her video..
    Love you..

  12. Sooooo happy to get an update!! Feeling very selfish over here for being so desperate for one as I know you guys have so much going on lol. I've watched the first video like 6 times already. So adorable!!!!!!!! Ava and I looked through all the pics and videos too. She was smiling the whole time, very interested in seeing Finley. :) Stay safe and keep posting as you can. We're all thinking about you guys!!! xoxoxo Love, Lo

  13. So jealous you are with Myra - we were in GZ together when they adopted sweet Sam!

  14. Oh and Chris I can imagine how difficult it must be to have Finley being distant towards you after all the long months of loving her and being so excited to see her. But she will warm up!!! Keep your strong, wonderful self!! Love you!


  15. Wonderful update and so happy to hear that you made it to GX! :) You've been in my prayers and will continue to be there! Many hugs!! Now I'm off to watch those videos AGAIN!!!!

  16. What a great post! I follow Myra's blog and Luke's parents' blog, so it is wonderful to see that all three of you got together and the kids got along. Interesting that all three of you end up with kids so in love with their daddies, too. Hope the rest of the journey goes well.


  17. Oh Finley is just adorable! She looks great! Glad to hear she is making progress every day in becoming more comfortable with her mama! Every step counts no matter how small! Enjoy your time in Guangzhou!