Monday, January 17, 2011

Ummmm... It's January???

Ya, it's January 17 and it is not feeling like January here in Southern California. It's not comfy nice 60 to 70 degree weather like some of our January days can be. NO, it's HOT!!!!! We are talking about 90 degrees HOT!!!! Even for us this weather is unusual and kind of random. So, what do the kids do on MLK day off school-- they SWIM! Yes, the boys and their friends decided to pull out their wetsuits and swim. They decided wetsuits were in order because the water is in the 50's but Mia braved the cold water and did a great job-- didn't last too long, but she did swim a bit!

The first one in!!!

Getting ready to take the plunge!

Going down the slide

Wimps :)

Many of you followed our blog when we adopted Mia from China. I wore this amazing necklace with Mia's picture in it when we adopted her and she was fascinated with the necklace and played with it often. I loved having her picture around my neck and close to my heart. So now we are about to leave on Wednesday to adopt Finley and as with Mia, I want to keep Finley close to my heart. Here is the necklace- ready for our next amazing adventure!!!


  1. Mia is AMAZING..
    love it..
    Love ya..

  2. Well, it was too cold to go outside here, so we spent MLK Jr. Day playing hide-and-seek, board games, and watching movies.


  3. How fun...looks like they all had a good time :-)

  4. Are you ready!!!!! I will be praying for one amazing trip to bring that precious Finley home!!!!!

    I wish I could say we were having a heat wave.. I think we get a balmy 4degrees tomorrow!!!!

    Jeff is in Laguna Beach, and I am here.. Having a bit of a pity party about that right now!!!

    Blessings Christy!!!! I look forward to seeing her in your arms soon!


  5. It's snowing/sleeting in Nanjing..
    :( I'm so jealous hopefully we will get to be outside in Guanzhou! pack your coat you are in for a shock!

  6. We are loving this southern CA weather too. We did not brave the pool but enjoyed playing outside.

  7. Ok...bragging about your warm weather to the rest of us who are freezing our butts off is just not nice!!! ;) I'm such a cold weather wimp...I can't stand it!!

    I am so unbelievably excited to follow your journey!! I can't wait to see Finley in your arms!!!!!!!!

  8. Christy,

    Iam so excited for your family. I have been following your story on your blog and at RQ. Praying traveling mercies for your family and that your bonding experience with sweet Finley goes smoothly as possible. What a blessed little girl to be loved as much as possible before getting to her forever family who will love her forever!

    Where did you get your beautiful necklace? I had thought of doing the same thing, but shutterfly was the only place I had seen them.


  9. I am sooo jealous! We are freeeeeeezing here!

    Love your necklace. I can't wait to see your sweet girl in your arms soon!