Friday, January 28, 2011

A Free Day in Guangzhou

Here is another video from the orphanage. This is when we were giving the little kids their gifts and Finley was the first to receive. It is cute-- enjoy!!!

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This is a picture of my good cyber pal Myra. We became very close online through Rumor Queen as we both had very similar dates throughout the adoption process and we both were adopting spina Bifida kids. We hit it off in person just like we did online and I know we will see each other again in the future. She and her husband Mike and Will left today and I am very sad but again, I know we will see them again!!!

Finley loves the remotes to the TV and she and daddy were sharing some remote time-- she doesn't care about what is on the TV - she just likes to play with the remote.

We had a free day in Guangzhou today and all seems to be going well. We woke up and had breakfast and then met our guide and she took us shopping in the busy part of Guangzhou off the island. It was a very interesting area selling all kinds of freaky things for medicinal purposes and for food. The pictures above are of lizards on a stick-- yummmmm.......

Yes-- dried snakes.. to eat???

The pet part of the shopping area

Looking at the birds

A look down the shopping area-- it is FILLED with people-- tons of people!!!

Finley's new favorite spot

Since she will only let daddy carry her and she is not the lightest thing and with Kevin's hip being all screwed up, we found her new spot that does not bother daddy's hip and she gets a cool view!!

Funny thing about Kevin. He wore shorts and put a sweatshirt just to not seem odd but part of the day he only wore his short sleeve shirt. People just stared at him and thought he was crazy and that he must be cold. A young man approached Kevin today and asked if he was cold-- Kevin said no and he said that Kevin must be very strong. We laughed. The people here bundle like crazy. The weather here is like what we have at home. Maybe low to mid 60's but people act as if it were in the 20's. They are bundled and everyone wears long underwear under their clothes. They really think this is cold. They think Kevin is crazy for wearing shorts. We just laugh as we wear our lightweight clothes and sweat in those.

We made more progress today as well. She is tolerating me better but is still not totally loving me. She is still 100% a baba girl. She will take my hand here and there and she will smile at me but if she is at all upset or worried-- it is all about daddy. She will not let me hold her yet but at this point the small progress we have made has been ok so I'm just glad it is trending towards the positive. She and I painted nails today-- she still wanted to paint daddy's nails-- and we did beads which she likes.

Doing nails-- she concentrates so much and holds your finger correctly for nail painting-- it was sooo cute!!

The kids in China seem to be totally cool about picking your teeth. She knew what a toothpick was and uses them appropriately.

She was also very tired and almost fell asleep at dinner.

Pick away!!!

Sucking her fingers-- she only does it when she wants to go to bed.

Tomorrow we have to have Finley's TB test read and I think that is all. We are really wanting to get home but still have like 5 more days-- uggg!! Trying to enjoy my time but know it would be a lot better if a certain 3 year old liked her mama-- one can only wish....
Kids, we love and miss you. We will call you tomorrow morning which will be about 6pm your time. We wish we were home but soon-- very soon--- Big kiss!!
Vicky, is the best VPN here in China-- so I have been told by expats who know.
Finley is average for her age on American charts but wears a 3T and her foot is smaller than we thought. We brought her about a size 8 and they are too big and gave her a blister so we have just kept her in the ugg boots becuase they are comfy and she likes them. I would guess Jillian is smaller than Finley but I bet she still could wear a size 3T and maybe a 7 in shoes. If you have anyother questions, let me know.


  1. Although it looks like you're having a good time, those last days sure do drag by.

    I have a question for you-how did you know how that you would meet other children when you met Finley? And how did you know how many to bring gifts for? Our first adoption was in Beijing and we met only the children meeting their parents that day.


  2. I love that she is painting your nails...a sure sign of opening up to you. :) Soon momma she will be your little tail and wont let you out of her sight!

  3. I followed your trip and journey to Mia as we were traveling to our daughter the following month. I have enjoyed folling and an enjoying your journe to Finley. She is precious! She is making baby steps to you soon she will discover the gem you are. Hang in there!!

  4. She is just adorable. I love that she is painting your nails. Baby steps. I am sure she will cozy up soon.

  5. I have been so busy at work that I haven't been on blogger during the week...but it is wonderful to see you and your sweet girl!!!

    Blessings! Ashley

  6. Kevin is getting Daddy of the Year award! So glad she is making progress with her mama though! Cute pictures!

  7. Thanks Christy for the size help and VPN help! Our Lily was also a toothpick girl. I could not believe how she could clean her teeth. I don't think she had a toothbrush at her SWI. Finley is just precious! I am in the midst of packing and WOW! This is hard! Packing for four little girls is tough! Have a great time!
    Vicki (Redlands)

  8. In the video of handing out gifts to the children, did you happen to get any info on the older boy in the video with Downs Syndrome? My heart tugged for him and I'd like to find out his name and possibly send him a care package or sponsor him in some way. Kinda breaks my heart...

    My email is

  9. I am LOVING following along. My husband and I traveled to Guangzhou to bring home our sweet girl in May of 2008. I am 99% certain that we stayed in the same room you are in there at the Victory! The bed was HEAVEN!!!!!
    blessings to you and your sweet family-
    Amy P.

  10. Oh my word...I can't get over how absolutely ADORABLE Finley is! :) She is too sweet in all of these photos. You have been doing a GREAT job posting and the videos are fun, too!

    It will be so fun to see the reunion photos with your kids back home, too! Can't wait!!!

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya