Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On our way!!!!

Today is the day. It seems surreal that we actually board a plane to our little girl tonight, but we do--- the day is here!!!

I'm a bundle of nerves. I hardly slept last night with my mind swirling with excitement and worry. Luckily Kevin got the boys off to school so I could sleep a bit this morning, but that did not go too well either. I am nervous right now. Its a combination of worry about leaving the kids for so long and how they will do without us and a combination of worry about the unknown. I know the boys will be fine with my sister staying here and taking care of them and I know Mia will too, but she has been asking all kinds of questions that bring tears to my eyes. Since Sadie died on New Years Day, Mia has been concerned with death and going to heaven forever and that we will never see that person or animal ever again. She keeps asking if we are going to be gone forever and needing reassurance that we will come back and we are not going to heaven. Of course we have had some tender moments snuggling and talking through all this and I think she is fine, but I know she is internalizing this and is worried. It breaks my heart to see her worry so please pray for our little Mia. Pray the Lord gives her peace that we will be fine and that He prepares her heart for the arrival of her sister. Pray for the boys that they will be obedient to my sister and that they too will have their hearts prepared for Finley's arrival. I also ask for prayer for Finley and that her heart will also be prepared for our arrival. Her life is about to be changed like never before and I pray that she is open to our love and affection and that she will feel comfort in our arms. Also pray for Kevin and I that we too will be ready for whatever comes out way- that we will be flexible with any changes in plans. Finally, please pray for my sister Cassie as she is taking on a monumental task of taking care of my 3 kids with all their activities. She is a pro at this and is like second mom to them but please pray that things run smoothly and that she does not get overwhelmed with the chaos of our lives. I know she will do great but please keep Cass in your prayers and if you live close, give her a call to check in :)

So that is it. To give you a bit of a rundown, we leave tonight at 10:50pm from LAX. We get into Seoul Korea tomorrow sometime and then we take a hop over to Shenyang Liaoning (where we will get Finley) and arrive at 11:20am on Friday January 21. Saturday we have a free day and then Sunday we get to go to the orphanage at Fushun (Finley's orphanage) all day Sunday where we get to present all the gifts to the staff and kids that my BFF Laila bought. The next day, Monday morning, we get Finley at the Civil Affairs Office in Shenyang. So that is the itinerary for our first number of days. I will be blogging the whole time so you can follow along here. I will be uploading pictures and VIDEO!!!

I want to thank all of you for your support on this journey to bring Finley home. I am humbled by the love and support so many of you have shown our family over the years and I want to thank all of you.

Stay tuned. Our adventure is about to begin!!!!!!!


  1. Yay Christy!!!!! : ) Cannot wait to watch your journey!!!

  2. Oh my Christy we are so so excited for you all. Can't wait to finally see Finley in your arms. We will pray for your sister as well as the kids. Mia will do okay because she has such a wonderful mama helping her through this time and her auntie will be just as wonderful. Hang in there..I know just how hard it is leaving your little ones at home in order to bring home another little one. I have been in your shoes and all worked out well. Have the best time meeting Finley:)


  3. OMGoodness Christy! I am SO behind on blogging, that I didn't even realize you were so close to traveling. I am EXCITED to follow along though, and you can bet I will be stalking your blog again now!! ;)

    I seriously can't get over how ADORABLE Finley is. It will be so wonderful to see her in your arms. In ways, she looks a bit like our Khloe to me. Love her big eyes and sweet, kissable little lips!!

    Will be praying for your sister and the kids, too. Especially Mia and all that she is trying to process right now. And for your heart, as well. I can only imagine how tuff it is leaving them back home, but what a joy when you all reunite again, as a family of SIX!! Yay!!!!! :) Oh how my heart is longing to go back again, too! Khloe seriously needs a sibling closer in age... a playmate!!

    And what FUN that you get to spend CNY in Guangzhou! That will be such a priceless experience. I will just have to live it vicariously through you!!

    Praying for safe and healthy travels. Wow, I'm still in AWE that your time has come already!! SOOOOOOO excited for you!

    God bless!! <><


  4. Congratulations Christy! I'm so happy for you guys! I can't wait to follow your journey! YIPPEE!!! : )

  5. thinking of you and praying for your family. The emotions are just crazy, but better once you get Finnely. You are sooo close! I'm so excited about your day the orphanage and just can't wait to see! Good luck friend see you in few days! Can't wait!


  6. I'm so excited and jealous at the same time!!! I am beyond thrilled for you guys and have enoyed following you on RQ. I hope you have a great time and enjoy every second of your time in China. I'm praying for you guys and can't wait to see pics of little Finely! Utterly jealous too. Our Article 5 came yesterday so hopefully we'll travel in Feb!!! God Bless, SAL

  7. I am soooo excited for you. I, too, can't wait to follow your journey. Travel safe!

  8. YEAH! looking forward to seeing pictures and following your journey.

  9. I am sooo excited.. I remember how we met and that is on your amazing trip to Miss Mia..
    Love you my friend..

  10. Looking forward to following your trip to sweet Finley. I can't wait to meet her! Safe travels.

  11. YEA!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited for each step of your journey and know that each of those steps you will be surrounded in prayer. Safe travels my friend!!! I CAN NOT wait to head down your way again and meet Finley!!!!!!

  12. Wow!!! I am so excited for you that the time is finally here for you to bring Finley HOME! Enjoy your time in China and know that your entire family is being covered in prayer!

  13. Wow! Can't believe you are already on your way. Praying that all goes well. Can't wait for updates!