Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time Off

Hi guys. I just wanted to drop a quick note about my blogging absence. I have been going crazy with the end of the school year for both my work but also for the boys. All of the end of the year events coupled with hockey and my work and the average of 6 meetings a day I am involved in-- phew-- it is really wearing me out!! I have not even gone online at all when I get home simply because I am so worn out from work and cant imagine spending time on the computer. The end is in sight and I cant wait for a long relaxing summer-- it is a full 3 months this year since the boys are going to private school next year--yaaa!!!

One thing I wanted to mention was an accident that happened this weekend with Owen. They were playing in the pool and stupidly I didn't even pay attention that they were playing with empty 2 liter bottles. All of a sudden I head a horrible scream from Owen and he was holding his eye and blood was puring off his arm. I freaked and held a towel on him till Kevin could examine the damage. Turned out he got a pretty good cut under his eye (no stitches needed) but Kevin noticed that the green part in his eye had blood pooling at the bottom-- just in the green area. My sister in laws mom Pam is an opthamologist (eye surgeon) and she said it sounded like a hythema but that she would come by once she was home from Santa Barbara (they were there for the weekend) to check his eye out. By the time she got there Owen was asleep in the reclining chair as Pam gave us strict instructions to still and to stay upright. She looked at his eye and his pupil was non reactive because of the trauma and sure enough he had a hythema which is a tear or cut in the green part of his eye. She told us as a Doctor she would say go to ER but as a mom she knows we will sit there all night and wont be seen until the morning therefore if we got to the eye doctor first thing in the morning it would essentially be the same thing. So, 8am we were heading to the opthamologist. Finally by 12pm he was dilated and by 2:30pm he had been totally checked out by the eye doctor. Yes, he had a hythema which is a very serious situation. I guess there is a really good chance that the tear in the eye will re bleed and that can cause serious vision type side effects. Because of this, he had to be kept very quiet and still and in an upright position for 5 days-- until the risk of re bleeding is down. They wanted to hospitalize him, to insure he was still, but I begged the Doctor to let him be at home as being in the hospital would be too much right now. He was OK with that but said that Owen had to stay quiet and still and sleep in an upright position AND he had to be off school for at least a week-- I guess this hythema thing is a pretty big deal! Anyway, Owen has been a wonderful patient and more that my mother in law Mary has been the best babysitter ever!!! Monday I had to spend the day off work with Owen at the doctor but Mary has been able to keep Owen (and Mia) entertained Tuesday and Wednesday. They did crafts and art and fun stuff. She also brought the Harry Potter movies for Owen to watch since Owen has been reading the books. He has totally entertained every day with fun things to do with grandma. Tomorrow he has a fun day planned with aunt Cassie and in the afternoon we have a doctor appointment to check on his eye and then we will see when he gets to return to school-- Monday hopefully-- at that point he will only have 3 days left of school for the year-- crazy!!!

Anyway, things around here have just been crazy and I am literally exhausted as I have had to sleep on the couch downstairs next to Owen while he is sleeping upright in the chair-- so I have been getting very little good sleep. I miss all my bloggy friends and will checking up on you all soon. Please forgive my absence but I will be back to the land of the living soon-- I hope!!!!

Christy :)


  1. Christy,

    I'm so sorry to hear about Owen
    I pray that he has a very fast
    recovery. Hang in there only a
    few more days and your off for
    3 months!

    I hope you have an awesome summer!



  2. I've missed you. Sorry about Poor Owen. I know that must have been so scary. Check your email and accept the invitation to join my private blog!! :)

  3. Geez... hope Owen is OK. That was a good scare.

  4. OH MY! I am SO SORRY about his accident. It sounds terrible!! I hope it heals up like it needs to without any complications. Boys can be so rough sometimes! Wow. We are praying for him...and you too!!

    Hope you guys enjoy your summer. Ours began this week. It's going good. Life is so busy for us too, I find it hard to find time to blog too. As much as I love it...I hate that I don't have the time to do it like I did. But...I do my best to check in on everyone!!

    Anyway...hope you guys have a great weekend and that Owen gets a good report from the doctor!

  5. I will be here when you get back.. make sure to check your mailbox..
    Give Owen hugs from me also..
    Thanks for the text and the email..
    love ya girly..

  6. Oh no! So sorry to hear about Owen! I hope he recovers quickly. I can't imagine having to sit up for a week straight!

    I am so missing our little group! Seems like forever since I've seen you guys.

  7. Sorry to hear about Owen! My neighbor had that happen and it was a scary thing when it happened but he is okay now.

    Yea for 3 months for summer vaca!! I know this year your district is having a short summer due to starting earlier next year, glad you wont have to deal with that! :)

    Lots of hugs Christy.

  8. did the plastic bottle break and that is what cut him..I have to say I would have let my kids play with plastic 2 liters as who would have thought..take care:)

  9. Oh my gosh, poor Owen!! I hope he recovers quickly and there is no permanant damage. Thank goodness you talked the doctor into letting him come home!!

    Thinking of you all.....keep us posted on his progress.


  10. Yikes Christy, how scary for Owen and you guys. What a trooper he is. I don't know if I could sleep sitting up for 5 days. I hope his eye heals quickly and maybe we'll see you next Friday?


  11. Poor Owen! I hope he's feeling better soon!

  12. Oh Christy - how scary! Praying for quick & total healing for Owen & some rest for you!

    Miss you & Mia friend - maybe next Friday at Raging Waters??

  13. Hi Christy

    I hope your Owen gets well soon and that no re bleeding occurs.

    Hugs from us!

  14. Oh Christy,
    I hope Owen gets better soon! Hugs from Florida to you all!

  15. just checking to see how Owen is. Been thinking about him! Let us know!

  16. OK... I am missing you..
    Hope Owen is better..
    Gives us an update soon..
    Love ya girly..