Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Beach Trip

To kick off summer, we went on a beach RV trip this past weekend. We went with friends to a beach at the end of the runway for LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) called Docwhiler Beach. It was a nice beach and we camp right off the sand so it was really easy access to fun and best of all, it is about 50 minutes from our house. The only issue is the noise of the planes taking off but on the weekend it was minimal and you got use to it really quickly and after a couple hours, you didn't even notice it.

On Thursday before we left (we left Thursday night) Mia got her hair cut. I was so sick of the straggly long hair that looked unkempt all the time so I asked my friend who cuts my hair what would work best for thin straggly hair like Mia's. She came up with the cutest bob in the world-- just like mommy's hair!! It is short in the back and then comes down to chin length in the front. Her bangs are the longest part of her hair and it looks so darn cute on her. I just love it and her bed head is way better with this cut. In fact all I have had to do a few mornings is put a brush in it- not even wet it- which is totally unusual because to make her crazy locks lay down I always had to wet it and it would still look horrible. Anyway, I am totally in love with this new cut and until it gets thicker, I think this is her new cute cut!!

While they antagonize each other all the time, they also on occasion play well together. Here is an example of one of those times.

Ethan and another boy

Mia loves the sand

The boys making, I think, a motorcycle track for their little motorcycles.

So darn cute!!

Smiles for the camera. This is another Kate Mack bathing suit. I cant remember the name right now-- maybe Bahama or something like that but it is just so cute on her!!!

I love blue and aqua on her. Really, any color looks so pretty on her skin color.

Boys hard at work!!

You can see how short her cut is in the back. Really short, but it totally works!

Covered in sand-- yuck-- but she never seems to care. She just loves the beach.

And this was daddy-- working hard --lol!!!!
We had a great time but this was only day one. I have another day worth of beach pics I will post tomorrow.


  1. It looks like you had a fun weekend at the beach. I love Mia’s new do and that swimming suit is just adorable on her!

    We live right by the airport so I know all about the noisy planes. However, we actually enjoy watching them take off and land now!

  2. LOVE the photos..
    I am trying to get my hair long in the front.. I have such thin hair.. need a new dew...
    LOVE MIA'S... she is just sooo darn cute..
    Love the swimsuit..
    have a great day..

  3. I love the new cut!!! She is just too cute for is darling on her:)

    Looks like you had a great beach weekend.....I can't wait to hit the sand.....but we have a couple weeks to wait:(

    Hope you are doing well!


  4. Super cute cut! looks like you all had so much fun, I am jealous I really want to go to the beach.

  5. Great haircut and beach pictures -- love me some beach!


  6. oooo Mia's hair is SO cute!!! Love it!
    I have never heard of that campground...I just told Mike and he's off to the trailer to grab our camping book to mark it as a must go to. Glad you guys are enjoying summer.

  7. Love the haircut -- professional opinion! :)

    When are we going to get's been way too long!

  8. Too cute! I think I bought the same suit for Gracie.


  9. what a fun vacay. love the pics and yuck on sandy popsicles.