Monday, June 22, 2009

Disneyland Fun & Thanks

First off, I never posted pictures of Mia with the beautiful blanket that Kim's mom from Journey To Isabella made for Mia. Kim gave Mia the blanket when she was out visiting with her family and we met at Disneyland. I immediately took pictures of Mia with the blanket but the color was all off and they were not the best pictures and I never remembered to post new pics. So, I finally got a few cute pictures of Mia and the beautiful blanket. I am so thankful for such a beautiful piece that matches so wonderfully with Mia's room. Thanks so much Mary for the beautiful blanket-- we will always treasure it!!

Mia acting silly with the blanket

You can see how full and thick the blanket is. It is very heavy and sooooo well made!

Perfect for cuddling up in!

Cheese! Mia loves her new blanket-- Thanks again!!!

Last week I took my nieces, my kids and Cassie (my sister) and we met Laila and her kids at Disney for the day. We stayed until almost midnight and had a great time!!

Laila and Ava on the Kasey Junior Train in Fantasy land

The other kids in the Kasey Animal Cage

Ava looking adorable on the carousel

And Owen doing something daring as always on the carousel

Handsome Mr. Tyler

And Pretty Miss Mia

Ethan and Mia having fun!

Kaitlyn and Ethan having Fun!!!!

Owen Kylie and I on Peter Pan

Ava and Mia having a ton of fun at dinner

Tyler joining in on the fun!
It was a great day!!!


  1. OMW.. my mother is going to fall in LOVE with those photos..
    She needs a picker upper..
    Love the photos of the kids at Disney..
    Mia's outfit is adorable.. like always.
    Love ya girly..

  2. You can see how much Mia loves her special is beautiful....I told Kim when we get closer to our Chinababy, I was going to order one from her Mom!!

    As always, you guys are have fun, fun, fun......the kids looked like they had a blast with their cousins and friends.

    Hope you all have a great week!


  3. That blanket is precious! Is it me or is Mia really losing her "baby face"? She is getting so girly looking. Sniff, Sniff....

  4. Her blanket is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a nice gift!

    Fun times at Disney!! What great memories!

  5. That blanket is so beautiful!! Fun photos from Disney -- what a sweet time!


  6. Oh Mia is so cute wrapped up in her blanket. Kim's Mom does such a wonderful job.
    Looks like a fun day at Disney land.

  7. Beautiful blanket!

    You guys are so lucky to be able to go to Disney all the time! I bet the kids love it!

    Love the beach pics below!