Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Things

Things have started to really slow down and I am loving it. I have totally just been relaxing and doing nothing. There have even been a couple days this past week or so that I did not leave the house all day-- which is totally rare for me. I hate to admit it but last night the boys had 3 friends spend the night and we went to an 11:15pm showing of Transformers 2 and did not get home till 2:30am. Luckily they all slept in till 10am so it was not too early of a morning. But with that said, it is now 2pm and I am still in my pajamas just hanging around the house. Totally pitiful I know, but just been cleaning and working on the computer and making breakfast then lunch and just hanging out. Loving this relaxed mode!! Tonight my friend is babysitting for all the kids so Kevin and I can have a date night so eventually I will get out of my PJ's - I promise!!!!

Here are some random pictures over the last week or so.

Ethan's hockey team won first place in their league.

My cousin Sarah (the Olympic bike racer) was married last weekend in Arrowhead (where my parents have their cabin) and it was just beautiful!!

My handsome men!

I included this picture because it is a good picture of the back of her hair-- totally cute!!

This is how found Mia a couple days ago-- butt naked playing the ukulele.

Singing to her awesome tunes!


  1. I LOVE her hair. It is just to cute:) That is the haircut I have always wanted!!!
    Have a fun weekend:)

  2. I love PJ days...they are few and far between, but they are the best!!

    Hope you enjoyed your date night....we have one tomorrow night....can't wait!!

    Your naked ukelele playing girl is adorable.....that is too cute!!

  3. I love the naked ukelele pics! Would you mind sharing where you purchased and the brand of the ukelele? We've been looking for a little guitar for our daughter. She affectionately plays a 'stick' when she sings but a ukelele would be much better! My e-mail address is

    I enjoy your blog!

  4. Seeing these make us miss you even more! Put the Lucky Mommy's on the calendar for next Tuesday!!!

  5. LOVE the photos..
    And sooo glad you are relaxing and not having to rush around..
    I LOVE staying in my pj's...
    Love Mia's hair.. it is toooooo CUTE..
    As for her on the couch naked..
    have a great weekend...

  6. Mia's haircut is just too cute! I can barely get Kailee to sit still to put a clip in hers...never mind a blowdry!

    You deserve a pj day! Don't feel guilty.

    I am cracking up at the naked ukulele pics!

    I am sorry we can't make it Tuesday. I don't think I've seen any of you guys in months. :( I can't even remember our last get-together.

  7. Go Mia, Go Mia! You play that thang, wild one. Always, always enjoy your pajama days til 2pm or later, heh. Great pics of your kids at the wedding. Love Mia's hair cut. By the time G had that much hair to cut cute, she had a def opinion of how she wanted it and short wasn't it.

  8. I hear ya about the staying home thing. It's so nice to just do nothing and chill! Can't wait until Tuesday, what shall I bring? :)