Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Last Week

The last week has been another busy week as I prepare for the school year to end. We have had a lot of parties and get togethers and have just been busy. I am working a ton but it is almost over and June 10 is not too far away-- so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been nice and warm so we have spent a ton of time in the pool. Here are some pictures of Mia in another one of her new Kate Mack bathing suits. This one is called "Hula Girl". I love yellow on her!!!

Playing with the boys friend Kas

Big smile!

And Another

Playing on the step

Kicking water at the boys

Kasy and Kas are always so nice to Mia and always include her in their play. They are the boys close friends and we love when they come over to play. They are sweet boys from a wonderful family.

Kickin it...
We have a view out our big kitchen window and this is what we get to see right now.

It is a humming bird nest that is built on top of this little hanger thing we have on one of our patio cover posts. We have a humming bird feeder one post over so I think the bird just thought this was a good place to make a nest-- right next to food. There are 2 eggs in the nest-- tiny little eggs.

Here is a shot to give you perspective.
This weekend we were lounging around and Mia climbed up on the stool and started playing on my little lap top. She was so funny because she unconsciously put her hand on my coffee mug. It was such a funny site-- totally a picture of me in the morning-- I just had to take a picture.

Working hard!!

And a smile for mommy-- love the bed head!


  1. I knew you had to have been busy..
    Missed ya girly..
    but loooks like tons of fun in the sun..
    That is my kind of fun..
    Love the photos and Mia's swimsuit is toooooo cute..
    Hugs.. Have a great week..

  2. Love Miss Mia's bikini! Too cute! The pictures of her with the bed head and computer/coffee imitating her momma are priceless! : )

  3. Your pool pics are great -- love that swimsuit! How sweet that you have that little hummingbird -- they are so tiny! Have a good week!


  4. My mother would be so jealous of the hummingbird nest. She loves hummingbirds and has two feeders set up in her yard. We haven't seen any nests around. Last year she saved one that was out a bit too early and cold, warming it up in the house so it could fly back home.

  5. She truly does look like a hula girl and so grown up in the pictures! Love the ones of her at the computer. She reminds me of someone, hmmm I wonder who?! Hope to see you soon.


    PS~ Sooo jealous of your beautiful pool!

  6. I forgot to mention how cute Mia looks with your coffee cup and on your laptop. Must help her think to hold your mug, heh.

  7. Oh I love that suit on her....they are all so cute, but I really like the yellow....adorable!!

    How cute is she sitting infront of your won't be long until she is asking for her own:)

    Hope all is well!


  8. Yellow is definitely one of Mia's colors!


  9. I just love the "real life" pictures. Mia's bed head looks very familiar!!! I'm sad to say, my kiddos know too well how to approach the computer too. I really should get better at it. Working has helped...but I still get on here frequently!!

    Hope yall have a great end of the school year. Ours ended this week! Can't believe it! In the fall...ALL THREE of mine will be in school! WOW!!!

    Thanks for the pix! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Miss ya girly.. hope you are having a great weekend...
    I have something coming to you in the mail..
    Sending it out tomorrow..