Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beach Trip Day 2

Day 2 at Docwhiler beach was very similar to day one but we started the day with a 10 mile bike ride along the boardwalk with the kids and the Sidenfadden family. It was a nice ride and a great way to start the day. Here are pictures from the beach day 2.

Mia was obsessed with Popsicle's this trip.

Another Kate Mack smocked bathing suit. Much cuter in person than in the pictures. This one I got off eBay used for $9-- what a steal!!!

With the Popsicle dripping all over- yuck!

Love this picture-- for no real reason then I love her little legs!

Same with this one-- just cute!

Sandy Popsicle--yummmmm!

My Ethan chilling on the beach

The boys working their sand magic...

Owen looking for something-- not sure what...

Lame picture but I think it is such a funny look on Mia's face-- totally makes me laugh when I see this picture.

Looking for little tiny shells

Found something

Trying to take the treasures home---uh--no!


  1. It's been so long since I've been in bloggerland...I think Mia has grown a foot!! She is adorable as ever and I LOVE the new hair cut! So stinkin' cute!!

    Hope you're enjoying the summer!

  2. Adorable beach pictures! Mia's new "do" is perfect for the beach!

  3. LOVE the photos..
    But that is my favorite little girl..
    Love the swimsuits..
    Looks like sooo much fun..
    I could totally live on the beach..
    Love ya girly..

  4. too cute - what a great trip you guys had! Popsicle tip - save the plastic lids from butter/cream cheese/ grated cheese or any other round container & cut a slit in the middle - put the Popsicle through ti & viola - no drips!

  5. She is just the cutest.....and Jennifer is right, she has really grown. I visit all the time and it seems like recently she has gotten so tall and grown up looking!! Love the suit....and $9....that is a bargain:)

    Have a great weekend!


  6. I LOVE Mia's haircut! It's SO STINKIN CUTE!!!! And how many swimsuits does she have?!?! They are all so adorable!!! Looks like yall are having a great time at the beach. I NEED to post so bad....Sadie has had a birthday and we've had several other things going on. I just haven't sat down to do it. Balancing work and home is becoming a little more challenging. Not so much work and much as it is my extra curricular things I like to blogging!! :) Hope yall have a great weekend!!! Thanks for all the pix!!!
    Love ya,

  7. Love the suit, where did you get it? Also, that beach looks cool, how far in advance did you make the reservation as I would love to take our trailer there?


  8. Oh that is some serious beach cuteness! love the way that Popsicle hangs out of her hand in all the pics.

  9. That beach looks amazing! I think I said that before though. The popsicle in hand is too cute.

    By the way...our train trip is SOOOOO cheap!! $200 round trip for both J and I! Also right now you can take the train to Santa Barbara for $25 bucks from your area. Mike and I are going to do that trip for a weekender in August. It's just so relaxing and so cheep. If you've got time to waste and don't care that it takes a bit longer than driving, take the train!

  10. I just love these pictures of Mia! Love the suit, the hair, the look! :)

  11. The picture's of Mia are so adorable. Love the swimsuit! I haven't been to your blog in awhile, amd your boys are looking so grown up!! Such handsome boys! Hope you all are having a fun summer!

  12. Happy Father's Day to Kevin..
    have a great day..

  13. OH my GOODNESs...MIA is soo darling and getting so big!!!! I LOVE all of her swimsuits too!!!

  14. The pics of Mia looking (hard) for seashells are GORGEOUS! They should be framed in her bathroom or something? I on't know, but I love them! Love her suit!!!