Sunday, May 10, 2009

Swimming Ballerina

Someone mentioned Mia's lack of floaties and I do appreciate your concern. We are working towards getting Mia water safe and putting her in a floatie every time we are by the pool will not teacher her to be water safe. Right now she is very comfy in a floatie and we use one anytime I am not right there but when I can be there- right next to her, I rather her be without a floatie so if she does fall in, I can go in after her but there is a good lesson learned and we can use that moment as a teachable moment. So far this summer she did step off the spa step and thrash around in the deeper water for a few seconds. I jumped in and got her onto a step and she was just fine. I sat in the spa with her for a few and I put her in the deep water again and let her kick to the side-- teachable moment. That is why she did not have floaties on-- we are teaching her right now-- but thanks for your concern-- I really do appreciate it.
I purchased all those Kate Mack bathing suits a while ago and now that we are in the midst of the heat, Mia is finally getting a chance to wear them. This weekend was really hot so we spent a lot of time in the pool. We have solar for our pool so we literally are swimming in high 80 degree water-- it is sooooo nice.

My beautiful ballerina

She just loves the water and always has. My goal is to get her swimming this summer and with as much time as we spend in the pool, I think that will happen.

Heading up to the spa

Climbing in

Love this picture. She is almost in mid air-- too cute!

She climbs in and plays on the swim step and then runs to spa and plays there for a bit and then back again. It goes on for hours. She just loves the water.

Kevin was trimming the hedges while she was swimming and she put her hands over her ears because it was so loud. I thought this was a cute picture.

She is into spitting water-- kind of gross but fun for her.

Splashing max. She just loves swimming with the dogs.

Sadie actually swims all around the pool. Max stays on the step and plays but Sadie likes to swim. I think it is because she is so heavy that she likes to finally be light and buoyant.

Love her funny face!

And back into the spa!


  1. So cute! I am so jealous of the weather warm enough to swim!

    I LOVE that suit - Mia is so adorable in it! I can't wait to see the rest of her Kate Mack collection.


  2. Popping over from Kim's blog. Mia is just toooo cute! Love the bathing suit.

  3. I am completely jealous! I would kill for that weather and pool! Mia's suit is soooo cute!

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. Hi!
    YOu know I love that suit!!! Your back yard is so beautiful and inviting! I want to come over with Ruby!
    Enjoy your swimming weather! We still have a ways to go until anyone is taking a dip!


  5. The suit is cute --- but where are her floaties?? One little slip and ..... I'd worry about that -- accidents can happen!!

  6. I saw this swimsuit last year and LOVED IT!!! I wanted to get it for Sadie...but I didn't! It looks so cute on Mia! I CANNOT BELIEVE you have an anonymous comment about her slipping and falling in. GEESH.....that would drive me crazy!!!! I understand people do not want anything to happen...but neither do you. These are just a couple of shots you took in a few minutes. UGH....I wouldn't be able to stand so many people telling me their opinion!

    Anyway...I think she looks adorable!!! Have a great week!

  7. Could she get any cuter??? That swimsuit is adorable on her!!! I love her piggy tails too! Can I come visit? I am envious of your beautiful pool! LOL!

  8. Great photos! Mia is such a cutie and that pool and spa look very inviting!


  9. Love your pool. How about a "Lucky Mommys" pool party?

  10. Ooooh Chris she looks sooo cute in that bathing suit!!! I love it! Can't wait to come swim at the house this summer:)

    And just from my experience with Chris, she has been VERY careful about Mia and the pool! Gate is always locked up tight since Mia is around and there is no way she would let Mia roam free around the pool without watching her every second!

    Love ya Chris;)

  11. We have the same suit for Maelie! I can't wait until we can try it out. Mia is so adorable in hers!! :)

  12. YOur swimming ballerina is adorable!! I can't wait to see her sportin the rest of that swimsuit collection:)


  13. Love the cutest little swimming ballerina...
    And her little swimsuit ROCKS..
    as for the floaties.. I don't know why you explained.. you are the BEST Mommy...
    That is crazy..
    love ya girly..
    can't wait to see some cuteness in her new outfit..

  14. I love that suit! I did not see that one when I bought a couple for Gracie. Now I have to go back and make another purchase. :) Don't worry about anonymous' comments. Can't understand why people say stuff like that but don't have the you know whats to put down their real name instead of hiding under anonymous! You are a fantastic mom to all your kids!

    Great seeing you guys today and hope to see you soon.


  15. Mia is SO cute in this suit....loveit ! I agree with Karen - how about a Lucky Mommy swim party? :)

    Regarding floaties - there is a school of thought right now in the swim world that says the increase in child drownings is because of parental reliance on floaties. If our kids have floaties on, we tend to 1) not watch them as closely, and 2) they do not learn to swim nor to "save themselves". Kepp doing what you are doing!

  16. I totally agree with the "no floaties" thing. I actually think they're dangerous for the reasons stated by others. You want pool safety??? never take your eyes off of them and teach them to swim, that's the safe thing to do.

    The swimsuit is ADORABLE!!!

  17. Aww. she looks so cute and that suit..Kate has it too:)

  18. So pretty girl!!! I love these photos!!!! Thank you for sharing these lovely moments!!!

    Kisses from Spain.


  19. Love that suit!!! Someday my Jenny will be swimming with Mia! Someday. GLad to see you guys are loving life right now and making the most of your pool and this GREAT weather!!

  20. Mia is just gorgeous & Darling. I love her suit! Bhavishya would be very jalous!!! I already mentioned it...both Bhavishya and our golden retriever, Pashmina would looooove having a pooln (me too) are lucky to live in a warm place!