Friday, May 8, 2009

Guess Who We Met???

After over 2 years of bloggy friendship, guess who we met up with at my favorite place on earth? My pal Kim from Journey to Isabella and her awesome kids!! I always knew if Kim and I were ever to meet in person that we would totally hit it off, and that we did. Kim is a giving wonderful woman and I feel privileged to call her my friend. Her family was warm and friendly and we got along great!!

Mia and Kim!

Kim had the most beautiful dress made by her friend Cora. It is absolutely beautiful and the colors are awesome. She also gave her some clippies and if anyone knows Kim, she can never give anything without matching clippies--haha!! She also bought Mia beautiful sparkly sandles that match the dress. Her mother also made Mia this amazingly beautiful and heavy blanket to match Mia's bedroom. It is gorgeous!!! Kim is an amazingly generous friend and we love everything.

While Kim and her family went on a couple big rides, Mia and I played in the Brother Bear play area.

My cutie!

We all then went on the moving Ferris wheel which was a lot of fun. Here is Nick, Kim and their friend Kevin.

Here is Kim's husband John, Kyleigh, me and Mia

Kyleigh and Mia hit it off and Mia wanted nothing to do with mom. She wanted Kim or Kyleigh-- it was really cute!!

We then went over to Disney from California Adventure. The Bison family taking the required Disney pic!

Kim, Mia and I


And another

I love these pictures of Kim and Kyleigh holding Mia's hands. It is too cute and they were having so much fun!!

Mia loves to be swung like that

More more more!!!

Mia and Kyleigh on the monorail.

Kim and John on the monorail--too cute!
Mia and I ended our day with the Bisons and a trip on the monorail. I had to get back to a parent meeting at the private school my boys will be attending in the fall so sadly I had to cut our visit short, but it was a wonderful day and I cant wait to spend more time with Kim and her family. They were just awesome people!!!


  1. Love the photos..
    I am sooo glad I got to finally meet you and Mia.. hope to meet the rest of the gang one day soon..
    I too knew that we would just click..
    Thanks for a wonderful day at Disney..
    Love ya girly..
    Can't wait to see Mia in her new dress,shoes and clippies..

  2. What a fun day at Disney with Kim and her family. She is definitely one of the sweetest gals in the Land of Blog!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Great photos! What a fun time you all had. Isn't it great to actually meet a bloggy friend!

    Have a fun Mother's Day!


  4. I've been waiting to see these
    photos!!! There wonderful!! I'm
    excited for you both to finaly
    meet!! I bet your looking forward
    to school being out soon.



  5. I love all the pictures. It looks like such a fun day with your friends - what a treat to meet a blogger friend. Maybe someday we'll end up in California! :)

  6. Glad you and Kim were albe to finally meet in person. She is awesome and so is the rest of the family! Great pictures too! I love that the 2 girls got along so well!

  7. I am so glad you all got to meet up!! Kim is such a sweetheart......looks like everyone had a great time!!

    Those pics are so cute....I also love the ones of Kim, KyLee and Mia:)

    Have a Happy Mother's Day Christy!


  8. So much fun!!! What a wonderful person to have met, someday I hope to meet up with Kim.

    Happy Mother's Day Christy...hope you have a blessed day with your kids and family.

  9. Happy Mother's Day my friend..
    Hope you had a WONDERFUL Day..
    can't wait to see photos of Miss Mia..
    Have a great week..

  10. So glad you all got to meet she is such a sweetie!!!