Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Years Ago Today-- First Day In Beijing!

Two years ago today (well in about 20 minutes since it is 11:40 at night on 5/17 and I am referring to 5/18 two years ago) we had our first full day in Beijing. It was a full day but I remember being exceptionally distracted and everything felt dull because we did not have Mia yet. All I wanted was time to pass quickly so that we could get to Hunan and get our little baby. While in Beijing we did do all the touristy type things like the Great Wall, Tienanmen Square and all the other things. It was amazing to be in a place that had so much history -- but again, I was distracted!

This is our guide and me at the Jade Factory in Beijing. This is me holding up the bracelet I purchased for myself and the peaceful button we bought for Mia. The bracelet was something I wanted from years ago when we first decided to adopt. I was shocked at how expensive the bracelet was but it is great quality and I still wear it today. The peaceful button is a necklace that many Chinese parents give to their daughters-- we wanted to do the same.

Eating dinner at an amazing restaurant in Beijing. There is a funny story behind this. We had dinner up on the top level of the restaurant. There was an elevator to go to the ground level to leave. Kev and I ate dinner and were leaving in the elevator and we saw some nice Canadians who had just adopted and I struck up a conversation with them. They were super nice and when I mentioned that we had been skipped last month she totally immediately knew who I was-- she was like-- are you Christy? It was totally strange but totally cool!! Anyway, she mentioned one lady in her group and I thought I may have known her from our October DTC (group of people that we went through the whole process with for years) and she asked if I wanted to come down to the basement to say hi to everyone. Sure enough, I did and sure enough, I knew many of the families in their group from our DTC group. It was amazingly wonderful to get to see all of them and to see them with their babies. We did not have Mia yet so it was totally cool to be able to see their little babies faces-- it made Mia more real to us.

This is a picture of the whole Canadian group with us. It was a totally cool experience!!


  1. It looks like we had a very similar first few days in China too! I can remember how I just wanted to get Ellie ASAP! This is fun reading about your trip. I can't believe 2 years have already gone by, wow!!! Congrats!

  2. So fun to read about your trip! Time sure does fly by, doesn't it!


  3. Love reading about your AMAZING trip all over again.. I am getting all excited like the 1st time..
    You will have to let me know where you got the bangle jade braclet.. and about how much.. that is one thing I really want to get..
    And you have on the famous necklace..
    I am sooo hoping to get that..Sindy actually found a place that we can order.. now talking DH into it.. lol...
    Hope all is well and you had a great weekend..
    Miss ya girly..

  4. If you have any good advice, we are waiting for TA and would love any helpful hints you may have :)

  5. What a day to remember....and how cool that you ran into other adoptive parents that knew you from your yahoo groups......this community is amazing, isn't it!!

  6. Has it been 2 yrs already since I started reading your blog. I loved starting your journey with you and your blog is still one of my favorites!