Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama in Southern California

Obama is in our area!! Today he was in Orange County and tomorrow he is coming to a city next door to the city Kevin works in. Well, Kevin informed me today that he has to go into work early tomorrow to prepare for the motorcade for Obama when he is in Pomona (city we go to church in). I was like-- what?? Your just telling me this now???? So, yes, my husband gets to be a part of the motorcade for president Obama tomorrow. They pulled all the motorcycle officers from the surrounding cities to follow Obama through the streets all the way from the airport to the factory they are visiting in Pomona. Kevin is pretty sure he will not see Obama as he will just be in the motorcade but just in case, I'm giving him my little camera to put in the saddlebag on his bike-- just in case :) Isn't that totally cool!! Although I didn't vote for the guy, I still like him and respect him as our president-- so this is really neat!!! Ill keep you updated.


  1. Just read your comment on my blog. That would be awesome if Kevin gets close enough to take a photo! That would be so cool if we both had pictures of something presidential. What a once in a lifetime thing.


  2. How cool. I hope he gets close enough to get a picture!!


  3. OMG!! How freakin cool is that! I wonder if that's why my flight is an hour delayed getting into ONT??? I'll be keeping my eyes pealed for Kevin oh and Obama too! What you doing this weekend by the way??

  4. What an honor!! Kevin is one lucky guy!! OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!! I attended the inauguration and although I was MILES away as he said his acceptance speech, the atmosphere was electric! Heck the whole city was electric! It was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME TRIP!! I wouldn't have missed it for the world!!!

  5. Very cool! I hope he is able to get close enough to get a photo. Your boys must be so excited about Kevin participating in the motorcade. What a cool thing!

    Regarding your question about the suit - I think its the jungle jane 2 piece. Here is a link:;jsessionid=0a01054f1f43383127f834734b76ade1dbf1f7a1b2a5.e3eTaxiNaN0Te34Pa38Ta38Oahf0

    I hope it works!

    Which suits have you bought for Mia?
    email me -

  6. Wow!!!! How cool is that? Smart to make sure he has a camera in his never know!!! : )

  7. That's a great opportunity!!! Cool!! yes...we didn't vote for him either...but I won't go into that...except I am SO praying for our country right now!! Wow...we are in a mess!!! Hope Kev has fun!!!TTYS!

  8. I'm catching up on your blog. Love the photos. Your Ethan looks so much like mine. 10 and handsome. I hope Kevin meets Obama. I don't think he'll be disappointed. We Illinois people are pretty cool. I'm glad your business is doing well in these tough times. I'm getting really nervous I will be in your boat with my photography business, but also so excited to get it going. Miss Mia continues to grow into a beautiful little lady. I would love for her to meet Rowan someday.

  9. About 5 years ago, President Bush flew over my house, landed at NP High School football field, the motorcade drove down the street behind my house ending at the Santa Monica Mountain Range where he made a speech. We got to see him through the tinted windows because he pressed his face as close as he could so we could see him. Very cool.

    We had a small group of Chinese students staying with us and they were leaving that day, but they got a chance to see a sitting president go by. I told them they were extremely lucky as the President of the US doesn't typically land in Newbury Park.

  10. Sounds like fun..
    Hope Kevin gets some photos..Hugs..
    I sent you an email..
    Let me know what you find out..
    I am excited....
    Have a great weekend..