Friday, March 13, 2009

Dirt Bikes and Going Crazy!!

I can honestly say I have not been this busy in a really long time. Work is exploding. My new business is getting going, my school district side work (where I do assessments for other districts) is bursting at the seams and my normal job - we have a psychologist out and we are having to pick up all her work. Luckily, in these hard times, I am getting paid well for the extra work, but it is just taking a toll on me. I am tired and feel disconnected from all my real life friends as well as my
blogger friends because I do not have the time to check out all my favorites. I am sooooo sorry to all my pals in bloggerland for being such a bad friend but I'm not sure if things are going to change anytime soon. So please forgive me if I continue to be a bad friend but I will try on my off time to at least get on and make a few comments.

Another stressor is we have been thinking about putting the boys in private school next year and the deadline for us to make the decision is tomorrow. We have pretty much decided to go ahead and do it but I am really nervous about leaving all their friends. Ethan is a no brainer as he is going into 6th grade and I in no way am going to have him go to public Jr. High. But Owen is hard. He has 2 years left at our wonderful elementary school and he struggles a little more academically and has ADHD. The private Christian school we are looking at is really good but I worry about how Owen will do. He is medicated and does very well and is very controlled but I just am not sure. We are going ahead and turning in the registration deposit but we have not 100% made up our minds for Owen. Any suggestions or opinions on what we should do. I would really appreciate any advice.

Anyway, it is now 1am and I need to get to bed. Hope you all have a great Friday and again, sorry for being a bad blogger friend!!

And just because I cant post without posting pictures, here is pics of the boys riding their dirt bikes-- and a cute old one of Mia!
Ethan getting air!!

Owen getting ready to jump

Ethan taking his turn very carefully-- not!!!

And while we were at the dirt bike track Mia was asleep in her car seat (parked right next to me in case anyone is worried) so I didn't get any pictures of her so here is one from last week-- but a cute one!!!


  1. You are always busy girly..
    LOVE ya..
    Love the photos of the boys.. looks like they are really loving those bikes..
    And of course Ms. Mia is cute as always..
    Take care..
    See you soon..

  2. Hi Christy!

    I think it's fantastic to have the boys enrolled at a private school. Robert and I have had many discussions about enrolling Bruce in private school when it is time. We have several friends who say that with the private schools the parents have more input and control as to what their child is taught and exposed to in the classroom, and their children appear to learn more since the teacher and student ratio is smaller and each student can receive more individual attention. This is one of the strong points for us in favor of private versus public school for our little guy.

    Take care.


    PS: Just from what I have read on your blog, both boys have great personalities and are very likable so I think they will easily make new friends and adapt very well if they change schools.

  3. The school decision is so tough, especially when you have a child with some kind of special need. For Owen, which environment do you think would be better? Does one of the schools offer smaller classes, less distractions, more individual attention? Does he receive any kind of services at his current school? If there are transition issues willthe Christian school be willing to work with you and listen to your advice?

    Best of luck with your decision - I know its a tough one. I went through it for my younger son this year and we are thinking about trying private school for my 7 y/o also since class sizes at the public school are so big (28 kids/1teacher in 1st grade). Driving to two different schools is a pain for me, but it is worth it this year.


  4. Wow - you do have a lot going on! Great photos -- those boys (and Mia too) have so much fun, don't they!

    School decisions are so hard, but I'm sure you'll make the right choice. Have a good weekend.

  5. This is a really busy time of year....I think there are a lot of us feeling the way you there are just way too many things to get done in one day.

    I am glad that your new business is taking off....that is fantastic. I think you will be happy with your choice in the private are resilient and will probably do just fine. We, as parents, tend to worry more than they do.

    Hope you have a great weekend and try to get some R&R:)


  6. You are busy girl! I'm coming down next weekend, maybe we could grab a coffee or something??

    As for what you think is best for the boys and from knowing what kind of mom you are I know you will make the best choice. I think private school is the best and both the boys are great social kids.

  7. You are busy girl! I'm coming down next weekend, maybe we could grab a coffee or something??

    As for what you think is best for the boys and from knowing what kind of mom you are I know you will make the best choice. I think private school is the best and both the boys are great social kids.

  8. Hey Christy,

    I'll talk to you about private school on Monday since I worked at one.


  9. You certainly have alot on your plate right now! Try to take 5 minutes (set the timer if you have to) and grab a cup of coffee/tea or whatever (maybe a glass of wine?) and be by your self. Its amazing how much better you will feel with just 5 minutes of solitude! The private school thing is tough and we are in the middle of the same discussions and we only have one! What do the kids have to say about it? Is having them in two different schools an option? Good Luck with your decisions. Sharon (in NC)

  10. You are one brave Mamma with those dirt bikes....and those are two brave (and handsome) boys! :)
    Mia's new swim suits are beautiful! Happy March Birthday!