Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Craigs List Hockey Fun!!

I just love Craig's List especially for the great deals you can find on cheap sporting goods. When the boys wanted to play hockey my biggest hold back was the cost of outfitting them with all the gear. It literally costs about $400 to completely outfit one kid with all their hockey stuff (skates, pads and all the other stuff). So, when we decided to give hockey the green light I went on Craig's list to get all their stuff. I only spent a totally of $150 to outfit both boys will all the gear with 2 extra pair of skates to boot!! Since buying all that stuff I go on Craig's list here and there to see if there are any great deals out there and the other day I found a lady who was selling all their old goalie stuff for like next to nothing. Literally I paid $50 and got all her stuff which was about $1000 worth of gear. The goalie pads alone cost $250 but we got those, 3 sticks, tons of padding gear like chest protectors and tons and tons of other stuff. It was crazy. I walked away from their house with 3 full trash bags and a huge goalie bag full of stuff. The whole back of my van was packed. The boys are in hockey heaven and now can fully have a game here in our yard. Here are some pictures from that first night I brought the goalie stuff home.

Owen with all the goalie gear on.

Mia would so put all that stuff on if she could. She loves watching the boys play hockey and cheers them on (hmmmmm... hockey player or cheerleader???)

Ethan got a new pair of skates out of the deal (really nice Mission skates that were barley used) and some pants-- plus tons more. He is soooo happy with the score!!!

There were a few pair of regular gloves and tons of goalie gloves in the bags. Mia is modeling some of the regular hockey gloves. And yes, they are huge.
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  1. Mia looks so adorable in her Ariel nightgown. I love the list too but haven't bought anything from it. Seeing that you got all that great hockey stuff, I wonder if I could find a pair of ice skates for Gracie. Sorry we missed Disneyland yesterday. Let's get together soon.


  2. What a great deal!!! I keep thinking of trying to get rid of some stuff on Craig's list. May have to go ahead and give it a try! Have fun!


  3. I LOVE Craigslist! We have sold so many things through there AND purchased just as much. Even got the cutest crib in the world on there.

  4. You got such a deal my friend!!

    Craigslist is awesome....we usually find our vacation rentals there!

    Hope you are having a great week!


  5. Love the nightgown with the hockey gloves!

    Don't you love when you get a good bargain!

    I saw in your comment that your 2 year anniversary is next month. I didn't realize that you got her so young. She must have been such a peanut! I know I read your story way back when, but I just didn't realize that!

    Have a great week,

  6. Holy Moly..
    You go girl..
    Love the photos..
    looks like sooo much fun..
    Have a great week..

  7. I love Craigs list too!!! It's AWESOME to have a place to list classified for FREE!!! WHOO HOO! I LOVE free stuff! :)" Love all your bargains too!

  8. found your blog from tanya's..what beautiful the pic with the gloves..they look bigger than her :)

  9. Girl,

    Don't you just love a good deal!?!?
    I think it is awesome all the stuff you got for Ethan & Owen! Mia is adorable as ever! Hope you are having a great week!


  10. You're a great shopper!! Great deals! We LOVE Craig's List; that's how we bought very high end baby car seats for AA. We love shopping on line.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy