Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy #2 Birthday Becky!!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Becky!!!

Today was Becky's 2nd Birthday at Gymboree. It was a great time and Mia was so excited all day to go. Finally when we were getting in the car to drive she said "finally we go to Becky's party". It was really cute. Anyway, here are some cute pictures!!

Mia taking her shoes off for the party.

Mia loved the big textured balls. We had one a long time ago but Max popped it almost immediately--whoops!

And she jumps...

Kailee and Mia in the rocking boat

Miss Becky our birthday girl!!!

Becky and daddy playing around

Becky and mommy doing some obstacles

Mia having way too much fun

Mia playing with her buggies

Big massive smiles

Putting the buggies away-- sadly

Rocking away

Kailee and Mia rocking together

Kailee and Mia taking on the obsticles

Kailee playing

Bubbles everywhere!! Mia loves-- and I mean loves-- bubbles!!!! Here she caught one on her finger.

Have I mentioned that Mia also loves- and I mean loves- balloons!!!!

Kailee and Karen playing together

Searching for the Lion at Gymboree

Happy Birthday too you!!!

The cake-- wow did the girls love the cake-- everything was green!!

And the beautiful Birthday girl!!!!


  1. Hi!
    Great photos. You captured the fun!!! Mia looked adorable!!!! Your last photo of Mia is precious!
    Have a great week!


  2. HOW FUN!!!!!
    LOVE the photos..
    Looks like a great weekend..
    You guys are always having fun..
    See ya soon girly..

  3. Looks like a very fun place for a 2 year old. My boys used to love that place. I must get Miss Rowan signed up for some sing n play classes.

  4. What a great place for a birthday party!! Mia had a blast, didn't she! Such cute photos! Have a good week!


  5. Looks like a very fun party! Great pictures!!!

  6. What a fabulous place for a party. Cute pictures!

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. What a fun birthday party!! I miss S.G. being littler. However, I'm loving every age she hits. The girls look adorable...especially little Mia!!

  8. LOVE the pix!! Mia's outfit is adorable. I need to see if we have a Gymboree place around here. That looks like a cool place for a b'day party!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Looks like a great party!! The girls are so cute...and I love Mia in her little green sweater....she is such a fashionista:)

    Have a great week!


  10. seeing you and Mia at Becky's party yesterday. Ok, so you know how strong that green dye was on the cake?? Well I won't tell you where it ended up today! TMI!

  11. What a fun birthday party! Happy Birthday to Becky!

    I heard you're running into other birthday girls at Dland today! Wish I was there...I knew I should have stayed for another day!

  12. The party looked like so much fun. I am bummed we had to miss it. Love Mia's outfit, especially her green sweater.