Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Helicopter Time!

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned that Kevin has his helicopter pilots license. He had the opportunity to get it a few years ago and took advantage of it. Our friends Chuck and Susan's neighbor (who is our friend too) just bought a 4 seater helicopter and he lives part time here and part time in Connecticut so he keeps the helicopter here. Anyway, Chuck keeps the keys (Chuck is a helicopter pilot also) so Kevin and Chuck take it up all the time. The boys have not been up in the new helicopter yet so on Sunday afternoon they all went up.

I love this picture. They are all smiling-- a rare moment!

Mia watching daddy doing the pre flight check.

Ethan was so excited about going up

Mia loved sitting in the seat. She threw a huge fit when we had to take her out.

Daddy put the ear things on her


She thought the earphone things were way cool-- threw a fit when she had to take them off as well.

The seats are tiny in the back - perfect for kids

Cheese mommy!!!

Chuck and Kevin pushing the helicopter out of the hanger

Mia freaking out that she could not go in the helicopter-- she was soooooo mad!!

The crew before they flew away!

Getting ready to take her up

Mia watching them take off

And lift off

Turning to head to the runway

Cool picture

Click to enlarge to see Ethan's face-- priceless!!

Sooo excited!!!

Moving down to the runway

And they are off!!!
They flew all over the place and had a ball. They flew over our house and Mia and I got to come out and wave hi! The boys had a blast and cant wait to go up again. We so appreciate Johny allowing us to use his helicopter.
So, my birthday is on Friday and for my birthday Kevin is flying me (Chuck and Susan too) in the helicopter to Las Vegas for two nights!!! I literally am soooo excited and cant wait. The second day we are going to fly to the Grand Canyon to check out the scenery. This could not be a better birthday gift!!! Cassie is staying with the kids so a HUGE thanks to Cass-- always appreciate auntie Cassie!!! I am sure I will have a ton of pictures from that experience-- cant wait!!!!


  1. How cool!

    And what a birthday gift to you this weekend! Enjoy it and Happy (early) Birthday!

  2. Wow...what an awesome birthday gift!!! Is there ANYTHING cool and adventurous that you guys don't do? You guys do the most awesome things! I hope you have a GREAT birthday!!! By the way...I LOVE the picture of Mia standing watching the helicopter take off. it's a very creative picture!!! Gotta love that camera!! :) Happy Birthday!

  3. Wow that is so cool!! I'd throw a fit too if I was Mia and got booted from the helicopter! What a fun birthday weekend you'll have!


  4. How fun for the boys! Have a fantastic time my fellow Pisces girl! I don't know if I could fly in a helicopter...maybe when I was a young thing like you! The older I get, the more I am afraid of heights.

    Have fun and Happy Birthday!!

  5. Wow he flies too! Man you guys always have so much fun! Awesome B-day present!!! Have a blast!

  6. That is sooo cool! I can't wait to hear all about your birthday in Vegas. Sounds like a blast!

  7. I am going to start calling you the "fun family" are always doing such cool and fun things!!

    Mia looks so cute in her earphones....they are bigger than her head!!

    Have a wonderful bday weekend in Las Vegas....I can't wait to see those pics....Where are you staying out there? Last time we went, we stayed at Wynn....and LOVED IT!!

  8. HOLY COW...
    HOW FUN..
    You are always having all the fun..
    Love the kids faces.. they are soooo cute..
    I sooo can not wait to meet you guys..
    Have a WONDERFUL Birthday weekend..
    No wonder we click.. our bday's are only 6 days apart..

  9. What an awesome birthday gift. You guys are going to have a BALL! I can't wait to see pictures.

    Hugs, LA

  10. Wow!!! You live such an exciting life! Happy Birthday and have a blast in Vegas baby! ; )

  11. Happy Birthday! You guys always manage to get into the coolest things. Mia is game for anything isn't she? She looks like she's growing so fast. Enjoy your weekend.

    Gin =)

  12. That picture of Mia standing there, watching the helicopter in the distance...PRICELESS! Frame that!

    Big hug


  13. Mia is too cute in these pics! And what a fabulous BD present... I am SO jealous! My biggest fear was flying in a helicopter until I conquered this fear by flying our Niagara Falls. What a feeling!

  14. Mia is too cute in these pics! And what a fabulous BD present... I am SO jealous! My biggest fear was flying in a helicopter until I conquered this fear by flying our Niagara Falls. What a feeling!

  15. Wow! That is soooo exciting. I bet Ethan was on cloud 9. Poor Mia. Spicy Girl would have thrown a huge fit too.

  16. What a great birthday gift! That is way cool. Love the pics. Poor Mia, not big enough yet.

  17. What a fun birthday you're going to have!!! Happy Birthday! I love the pictures of the mountains in the background...makes me miss it down there. I'll be down in 2 weeks though!!

  18. Very cool! Love the pix of Mia with the "ear things" on her head!