Monday, March 30, 2009

Little Breaks and Whats Mia up to?

With work being crazy, lots going on with the kids and having so much on my plate that I really have to invest so much of myself into, I am going to be a bit more random on posting. When I have something to post I will but I just need a bit of a break-- but I will still post. Also, I am going into bad blogger friend mode. I want so badly to look at all my pals blogs each night but find I talk my self out of even opening the computer because I feel guilty I don't have enough time to comment. Therefore, I have decided I will read all your blogs but my commenting will be more sporadic. That way I can make it through more blogs in a short amount of time. Sorry to be a bad friend but I need to simplify things for a bit.

Two years ago this next week we received our referral for Mia after being skipped in March. It was the most amazing day and I will post lots of things on that day- April 5.

Mia is just tripping me out these days. She is hilarious in a totally annoying way. That little girl is just is the most independent thing I have ever seen. My boys were not at all like that- in fact Ethan would still let me put his clothes on him if I would. Literally she has to do everything by herself and refuses help. When I insist on doing something for her (usually because we need to hurry up and not let her take her sweet time) she freaks out and throws herself on the ground in a typical 2 year old tantrum. She is so strong willed!!! She has been sitting on the potty all the time but has never actually had anything come out. She tells me when she pees and does not like to be in poop at all so the second she poops she brings me a diaper and a wipe and tells me to change her. Tonight she actually tried to change her poopy diaper on her own. I jumped all over her and told her she has to let mommy change the poop but she can go in the toilet anytime. She is really close to potty training-- I'm gonna get her a little potty soon. Anyway, she is the funniest thing and the most daring thing I have ever seen. She freaks me out with her jumping off literally anything and bulleting down any slide. She really does not have much fear when it comes to physical activity. I think it is probably because she has two very active and rough and tumble brothers but also two big dogs. She is just a tough little thing! She is also a funny little thing and cracks herself up-- as well as us. She now speaks in pretty normal sentences and you can understand most of what she says. She talks like a normal little person and has quite a sense of humor. She will hear people say funny things and she will try out what they said and uses the comment appropriately-- and it is hilarious. She is just turning into a mini adult. There are some drawbacks to her being so darn smart and verbal. For example, while camping for 5 days this past week she hung out with our friends daughter who is 9 and a sweetheart. We watch what we say around the kids and never take the Lords name in vein but other families are different and we realize that. So, our little neighbor friend says "oh my G*D" all the time and after Mia spending so much time with she came out with a huge "OH MY G*D" tonight. I just about jumped out of my skin and I think I scared her but I was freaked. So now we are taxed with the chore of trying to get her to not use that horrible phrase-- fun--uggg!!! Anyway, our little sponge can now name all her colors, shapes and I swear I am not exaggerating but she can identify all her letters (uppercase only) with the sounds. It is crazy. She just turned 2 years 5 months and is wayyyyyyy too smart for her own good. Like I said, she totally tripps me out-- it is crazy!!!

Another note, I shop at Baby Gap all the time but today I happened into a Gap Outlet which was close to a school I was observing my first court case kid at. Anyway, I walked into the toddler section and it literally had everything that was in regular Gap from last year. The same sunflower and brown line from last year- the same madres print line and I kid you not, the exact same things-- just a year later. So, if you liked any of the things baby gap had last year, find a Gap outlet-- you will be in heaven- and it was pretty reasonably priced.

So that is it for now. Thanks for understanding about the blogging thing. I just need to chill out for a while and focus on work and the family.


  1. Oh my is Mia going to have fun with my kids.. they will be all over her...
    Sounds like a busy life.. but you probably wouldn't want it any other way..
    Let me know what you found out ..
    Have a great week..
    Love ya..

  2. Mia sounds like a little pistol....and the more I read about her, the more she reminds me of Sarah....too bad we live on opposite coasts, I think these two would have so muh fun together!!

    Life sounds busy, but it sounds like things are great with you all.....have a wonderful week!


  3. I will miss hearing from you, but completely understand. :) Don't make the posts too sporadic, I gotta know how you are doing girl!!

  4. I totally understand about the being busy thing. Some nights, I just want to chill too and not look at a computer. I hope you can come to our next get together. Did you ever get Mia the cute froggy potty? They have them at Target also.


  5. Oh yes what the little ones learn and repeat, heh. I totally understand on the sporadic commenting, I am already doing that. There are just to many blogs I enjoy!!

  6. Christy,
    We're in the same boat here. Pre Rowan I would spend hours on the computer. Now, I'm lucky to check email once a day. Hang in there and I hope things slow down for you soon.

  7. Mia sounds A LOT like another string willed lil girl I know.

  8. I just bought Ellie that sunflower dress, I had no idea it was from last year! I also bought her a few other things from the sunflower and brown line. I live about 5 minutes from the Gap outlet and that is where I get about 95% of Ellie's clothing. I like the quality of there stuff, it washes really well.

  9. Mia sounds a lot like my step-daughter was, FUN!! I think you hit it on the head though...two rough and tumble brothers! I'm sure she's trying to keep up with them.

    Enjoy your break girl. You have NOTHING to apologize for. Life comes first and fast...enjoy it!