Monday, December 22, 2008

A visit to the boys classes!

Our school district always had an open policy that other siblings were allowed to come to the school with a parent who was working in a class. When Ethan was in Kinder and first I use to take Owen with me all the time to work-- sometimes 2 days a week. The school year after Mia came home the district created a new "no sibling" policy that essentially made me a totally uninvolved parent due to the new policy. Anyway, we can get away with bringing siblings when there are big parties so on Friday, at the boys Christmas parties, I came with Mia.

Our first stop was Ethan's 5th grade class. Mia immediately ran up to Ethan and wanted to sit with him. It was pajama day but we totally forgot so neither of my boys were dressed.

Mia loves her big brother!!

Carson is in Ethan's class so Chuck came to the party and brought Amber (Ethan's teacher) a Starbucks.

Amber is a good friend and an awesome teacher!!

The food the students brought in was awesome-- homemade tamales, enchiladas plus tons more. It was a "heritage" meal so you had to bring something in from the country you are from. We really are pitiful and the boys think they are Canadian (which they aren't-- Kev was born in Canada and lived there for 15 years but his parents are both US citizens so he is really the only Canadian in his family- by birth place- not by having the blood-- but the boys can think they are if they want :) so we made Pigs in a Blanket- you know a Canadian Favorite-- right????

Mia playing under the desks.

Then we ventured to Owen's class.

Owen loved having Mia there.

My cute boy!!

And the 3rd grade girls loved Mia!!

Mia was willing to give every one of the girls that asked a hug but only one!! She is so funny because she is not shy but kind of a brat to the girls. She acts like she is gracing the girls with her presence and will only pass out one hug each. If they tried again she would walk away from them. I'm not explaining it well but it was kind of funny in an annoying way!

Anyway, we had a fun time visiting the boys classes and they loved having their mom and sister hang with them!!


  1. what fun. what a little pricess getting the royal treatment at her brother's school!

  2. What a fun day! I am sooo glad Mia got to go with this time. It looks like she had a great time visiting her big brothers!

  3. Looks like a great day for you all!! Miss Mia was definitely the center of attention....she is so darn her pinafore!! Her big brothers seemed so happy to have her be part of their big celebration!!

    Our school lets you bring siblings...thank goodness, or I would never volunteer!! It is always a treat to have Sarah in class...Nick looks forward to those special days!!

    Merry Christmas!


  4. How fun...
    Glad you get to take Mia on special occasions..
    Love how she only gives them one hug..
    She is tooo cute..
    Have a Great Holiday my friend..
    Love ya..

  5. What a fun day. I bet Mia just loves the attention. We can't go out in public without Sadie drawing quite a bit of attention. It's so funny. Are you guys out of school? Today was our first day not in school and i LOVED being able to sleep in! It was awesome!!

    Mia's little shirts are just adorable!!Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!! We are looking forward to it! Can't wait to see pix of all your celebrations!
    Love ya,

  6. Hi Christy!
    Love the pics of Mia with the boys at school!!!

    My new lens is a 18-270mm Tamron! It Rocks!!!!

    Blessings for a VERY Merry Christmas!

  7. That looks like it was a lot of fun for the boys, for Mia and for you too! How nice!! That Mia is so cute -- love her little red toile pinafore!

    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  8. Loved all the new photos!!!!
    Happy New Year to the Bock