Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

**I had to put the pictures into collages because I had so many-- I do the collages in Picasa 3--totally easy- Picasa does it for you**
Christmas day was a busy but fun day. We started the morning out at about 8am with the kids bounding in to wake us from our deep much needed sleep. We immediately went down stairs, made a couple cups of coffee and then settled in for the opening of the presents. I want to warm all of you that the following pictures are untouched and full of fresh out of bed, no makeup, scroungy needing a shower pictures of me-- yuck!! Sadly, Kevin had the camera a lot of the time so I happen to be in quite a few pictures-- which is rare I must say. Anyway, proceed with caution!!

The boys were sooooo happy to get their Ducks jerseys (hockey) and their USC shirts. My dad is a big USC fan and has created two more fans in the boys. We are not huge team sports people (with the exception of hockey) so we let the boys get their sports fix with my dad. My dad has a plan that both the boys will go to USC-- which is fine but I told him the only way that is going to happen is if he --NOTICE I SAID HE-- starts saving his pennies now :)

The boys big gift was their air soft guns. They are so addicted to air soft and have been dreaming about their guns for a long time. They were soooo excited!!! Mia loved her Ariel doll and I loved my tool kit Kevin bought me. I simply asked for a little tool kit-- you know the pink ones for moms-- but Kevin took this project seriously and bought me crazy cool real tools. You can not believe all the cool tools I got-- I have no idea what half of them are for.

Mia also loved all of her new books. She enjoyed unwrapping them and loved looking at the pictures. She is a book freak!! Kevin opened his ornament from Ethan and Ethan opened his new snowboarding helmet-- see we are safety conscious!!

More Mia books. Owen got a new BMX bike (not sure if you heard or not but his totally cool BMX race bike that he got in July for his birthday was stolen in September. He was devastated so he got another - cheaper one- for Christmas) and the boys went outside to shoot their air soft guns.

After we finished opening gifts at our house we went to Kevin's brothers house to do Christmas morning with them and Kevin's parents. Greg made these awesome egg/ bacon/ bread things that were sooo yummy and we all just relaxed and had a good time.

As you can see, Greg and Lynsee got a play station Guitar band thing and Mia (and the rest of the kids) had a blast playing it. Lynsee is from Canada and her brother RJ was down for the holidays so he decided to help teach Mia the ropes on how to drum.

Greg and Lynsee got the boys Hockey sticks and a goalie stick so they went out front with Katie and Kylie to play a little street hockey in the rain. Mia got a tea set, an Asian baby doll from grandma and grandpa Bock and she had fun playing with her cousins.

That night we had our family and Kevin's family over for Christmas dinner. Mia enjoyed playing with her new tea set-- literally she played with it for a really long time-- Owen tried to play as well and Mia was not very happy about it!
Overall, Christmas day was a great time! The next day we woke up really early and I took the boys snowboarding-- which by the way I forgot to take my camera so no pictures- sorry!! It was a cold day but we had a lot of fun. While we were returning from lunch the ABC news team stopped me to interview me about the weather and the snow conditions. I forgot about the interview until we were driving home and my dad called and said he saw me on the news. I also found out a few other people saw me on the news as well-- too funny--- I had forgot about the interview all together!!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas....everyone looks happy with their gifts from Santa!!

    I am impressed with your must tackle some major projects to request tools for Christmas...and BTW, you look really beautiful with or without makeup....I made sure I took all the photos this year....last year we had a rough Christmas Eve and I looked HORRIBLE the next morning and happened to be in almost every picture...good thing for cropping!!

    Happy Holidays!


  2. LOVE the pictures..
    Looks like you had soooo much fun..
    Love the boy's jerseys'..
    And your tools are AMAZING..
    Hope he got them at Home
    And as for Mia.. well you know what I think..
    Love that tea set..
    And her little boots are tooo cute..
    Have a Great Time at the dunes..
    Thanks girly for the Picasa3 update.. I just downloaded it and it took all my pictures from the entire computer.. in like sec..
    Hugs.. now I just have to figure out the collage...

  3. It looks like you had a great Christmas! Cute pictures too!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  4. Great Pics Christy!!! The boys
    sure are growing up. I loved
    the photo of them skating, and
    Mia IS SO ADORABLE!!! Have fun
    at the Dunes, and Happy New



  5. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! The boys look so excited with their new Ducks jerseys and air guns.

    You look beautiful with or without make-up my friend!!

    What is it with little girls and tea sets? Ellie is fascinated with them too. She has two sets and she will play with them for hours. Mia is just way too cute playing with hers! : )

  6. Great photos again!! You guys had a wonderful time, didn't you! Mia and her little tea set are simply adorable! Have a fun New Year's!


  7. great pics. love the tool kit. I got one one year to the utter dismay of my sis in law who couldn't believe a girl would ask for a tool box and tools.

  8. What a fun Christmas day. I love Mia's tea set. If I lived near ya'll I would come over and play with her! :) Love ya, LA

  9. Wow! Looks like an amazing Christmas. Spicy Girl loves her books too!! I love the pictures of the boys playing hockey outside. You don't see that here in our neck of the woods.

  10. If only I looked like you without makeup. :)
    I can tell you guys had a WONDERFUL holiday together. I love all of your pictures and the collages are cool. I need to check that out. I loved seeing what all of you got for Christmas. They racked up from dear old Santa. :)
    Happy New YEar,

  11. You look great to have just gotten up!!! I'd be braggin about that one!! :) LOVE the pictures. you have to download Picasa 3 special or pay for it? I have looked and looked for ways to do these collages and just cannot find where to do them. I LOVE them!!! It looks like your Christmas was great! I hope you also had a wonderful new years!!!

  12. Looks like a great Christmas! My boys wanted air soft guns, but I haven't given in yet. They did get Rock band and LOVE it!!

    Love all the pictures. Looks like a blast. Love the tools!!

  13. Christy,
    Merry Christmas. Looks like you were as busy as we were. Love Mia's pinafore. Rowan has the same one from Lassie girl.

  14. Happy New Year Bock Family!!!


    Sindy & Allie