Friday, December 5, 2008

Eyes and Fear

Please remember to keep Hannah in your prayers. You can follow her progress here.
I have always heard of a "double lid" with Asian people but I don't think I have completely ever understood what it actually is. Mia's eyes have developed this kind of crease in them but it is not what I would think people mean by a "double lid-- it looks like just a crease. I see some Filipino people that have eyes that have a distinct crease in them (similar to Anglo eyes) but Mia's eyes do not look like this. Last night I walked in from the laundry room and once again found Mia up on the counter eating the gingerbread house (she is an addict)so I decided to try to take a picture of her eyes to get all your opinions on what is up with her eyes. What do you think?

The crease has been there a while now so I am thinking it may be permanent but not sure. What do you guys think? Is this the double lid I have heard about?

Mia's favorite thing to do when I am not in the kitchen and she can get away with it (ya and then instead of taking her down I pull out my camera-- a true blogger mom)

Oh ya, and then she has learned to pull out the drawer and pull out the scissors-- great fun!

And then attempts to cut things like the pair of chop sticks.

Ya, she thinks it is hilarious when I get upset with her for this. We have now moved the scissors to another drawer :)

So let me know what you think about her eyes.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Im thinking yes. My Abby has only one double eyelid. The shopkeepers in china told me that was lucky :)

  2. Hmmm -- I think yes too. I was never sure what that meant exactly, but can see it with Mia. Am going to have to look closer at M's eyes. Oh man -- Mia is too funny on that counter with the gingerbread house and those scissors!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. I've never heard of the double eye lid...but obviously have noticed a difference in Asian eyes. I need to look at Sadies. Mia's looks like what you described. Sadie has always look a little like she was from guatamala to me...just a little. (maybe it's her bigger lips)...I'm gonna go check out her eyes now!!! Have a GREAT weekend!! Have fun keeping Mia away from the scissors!!! I SO hope she doesn't get a hold of her hair like my two did!!! Talk soon!

  4. Okay, no clue about the eyelid thing, as I've never heard of it. Totally cracking up here regarding the picture of Mia eating the house. She looks so funny munching away on it. I just bought a gingerbread house yesterday for Gracie and I to put together, I wonder how well that will work. :)


  5. Christy,

    Love all the new photos, Allie has
    the same thing going on with her
    eyes are Mia, we had people stop
    us in China and tell us a double
    lip (means beauty) So that's what
    I've been saying!! Thanks for the
    good thoughts about Allie's Sister

    Hope to chat with you soon!

    xxx Sindy

  6. Gs looks like that and we were told in China that she was lucky to have the double lids. Very American they would say.

  7. Your daughter is a cutie!

    No idea on the eyes but those polka dot shoes are to die for.

  8. Ruby's eyes look just like Mia's... Her paperwork said she had double eyelids. I think the are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

    She's adorable!


  9. I have no clue, her eyes look just fine and beautiful to me.

  10. I wish I could compare, but you'll have to wait a bit yet. I do love what others are saying that the double eyelid means beauty and lucky.

    Are those those shoes you and my bf were talking about?? CUTE!!

  11. Hi Christy,

    I am dying over that picture of her on the counter digging into that ginngerbread house....that is hilarious!!

    I think Mia and Sarah would be fast friends.....everytime I turn around, she is on our kitchen makes me so nervous the way she climbs up the counter stools...she also opens the drawers and digs.....I removed our scissors, but she likes to play with a flashlight in Nick never climbed like this.....Sometimes I think Sarah is part monkey!!!

    As for those BEAUTIFUL eyes...I would say yes...I have read about the double lids....they are to bring good luck:)

    Hope you have a great weekend!!


  12. Ok..
    I don't know anything about double lids... But I will tell you one thing..
    Mia has the most BEAUTIFUL eyes around..
    I LOVE HER to pieces..
    Have a Great Weekend..
    Love the picture of her eating the gingerbread house.. she is tooo funny..

  13. Christy,

    NO help on the eyelids..but I am waiting for someone to flame you about the scissor pictures! I love how you always put yourself "out there"!!! LOL! :)


  14. Oh its great when they find the scissors. They all manage to do it. I moved them to a kitchen cabinet! Great time to introduce her to kid sicssors! Kids love to cut things.

    Ok the picture on the counter with the gingerbred house is hysterical! She does look like an addict! LOL

  15. Hey Christy
    I showed her picture to Andy(who is doing a residency in facial plastic surgery)- he thinks it looks like she does have the double eye lid and he said there are a ton of asian women that come in wanting surgery to create the double eyelids. Looks like she won't be needing that surgery. She is adorable!!

  16. looks like it to me. excuse my grammar. typing on cell and lazy! my bf is half korean and hia cousin is full and she had the surgery the other poster referred to.

  17. Hi, YES ! It's definitely DOUBLE EYELIDS as we called it. I'm a Chinese from Singapore.

    Some children are borned with single eyelids and as they grow up, the double eyelid appear either on both eyes or single eye only.

  18. Ellie has the same thing!! I've seen it on TV where Asian women pay alot of money for these eyelidds. I guess we are just lucky that our girly girls are blessed with such great eyes!

  19. I thought I had a little devious munchkin on my hands because my Lily takes itty, bitty Lego pieces and shoves them into keyholes so that I can't get the key in them (it's a real problem!). But oh my, at least Mia's little devious past time is cute. What a hysterical picture of her eating the house! That little girl just seems like she has a personality that is larger than life! Perhaps you find it frustrating, but what a little character you have!

  20. Double-eyelids are more common in East Asians from southern China. I don't think it's much of a big deal, although many East Asians these days will opt for plastic surgery to simply achieve a "double-lidded eye".

    - Random passerby who enjoys reading of the bond between your family. ^.^