Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!

Here is Southern California we are weather challenged. We pull out our heavy parkas and boots when the temperature gets below 65 degrees so the recent cold storm we have had is TOTALLY unusual for us weather wimps. This past Monday we got hit with a COLD northern storm that dropped a ton of snow in our local mountains. We had a string of days that it didn't get much out of the 40's and the lows were in the low 30's-- which is freezing cold for us! After the initial dump on Monday and Tuesday we had a day of no rain and then on Wednesday the rain started back up again and the snow began to fall all the way down to 1500 feet. I had a work Christmas party Wednesday night and Kev had to take the kids to the boys soccer party but after the party he heard it was snowing a low as the exit right past ours on the 15 freeway and that the CHP had closed the freeway!! So what does Kevin do in a situation like that?? He calls Brian and the kids and they all take their Jeeps up to the exit past our house and 4x4 in the snow! They had a blast and Kevin said it was like a blizzard (and he is Canadian so he knows his snow:). He said it was more snow he had seen in our area in a long time. We were kind of disappointed that we didn't get any snow at our house but that rarely happens- maybe once every 3 years- but we are loving the views of the mountains COVERED in snow!

These are pictures of the mountains right above our house. We can be to this place in 25 minutes.

Isn't that crazy?? I have not seen snow like this in a long time-- wow!!
So, today is the boys last day of school and then they are out for 2 weeks-- yaaa!!!! We are going to Dumont over New Years but we plan to do a bit of snowboarding while they are off-- take advantage of this snow dump!
Last night we took some of our friends to PF Changs for dinner as our Christmas gift to them and then after we all went to a movie-- 4 Christmases-- totally funny! Tonight we have another Christmas party for the city Kevin works in. Tomorrow night we are having our Sunday School Class over to our house for pizza and dessert and then we are going to see the Christmas lights at a popular spot close to our house. So, our weekend is busy once again. I am getting close to getting my shopping done. I finished all my nieces and nephews and am most of the way done with my kids. I have a few more things to get but I am getting close. I still have not sent my Christmas cards but I will be doing that this weekend-- that is my goal!! I have been working a ton the last few weeks- much more than usual (lots of assessments in other districts) so I am really looking forward to the 2 weeks off.
Anyway, I will post pics of our weekend soon!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. What fun for you Californians to be able to enjoy some snow! Can't wait to see your photos!

    Have a great, busy weekend!


  2. How fun to enjoy a rare snow! We are getting a big snow storm today. I think about 7 inches so far. Christmas break started a day early at all the schools and the boys have been having a blast.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. what fun. we don't get snow like that either!!

  4. You get the best of both worlds! The snow, and then the warm weather! We had our awesome snow storm last week, and it's 80 degrees here today. I'm in short sleeves and flip flops!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow! That is crazy! It sounds like your hubby and the kids had a blast 4x4 ing in the snow!

    Sounds like another fun weekend ahead, fun and busy! Enjoy!! Tis the season!

  6. First of all...I LOVE PF Changs!!! It's one of our favs!!!I'm SURE you enjoyed it. We went to see Four Christmases on our anniversary date...and it was funny, but I was a little disappointed in some of the crudeness. Guess I should have expected it with Vince Vaughn. I thought that because Reese W. was in would be a little less crude! Oh well!! I am DEFINITELY going to see Marley & Me. It looks so cute!!

    NOW...onto the snow. GEESH!!!! Why can't WE get some of that snow here in Alabama!?!?! We want some so bad! We don't have anywhere near us that get's it. I'm SO jealous!!!! Oh well...I hope you enjoy it!!! I'm still dreaming of a white christmas for us! Hey...a girl can dream can't she?!?! Have a fantastic weekend!
    love ya,

  7. Wow that is a lot of snow. We are covered in ice here to day and schools were cancelled. Your schedule makes me tired just reading it. I swear I lead such a borning life!! I had to laugh that Kevin and the kids went 4x4ing right away. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Nothing better than a big old fashioned snow dumping!!!! I would love to have access to skiing like that so close to home!
    Enjoy your winter wonderland!!!


  9. That is some crazy weather!! How cool to look up on the moutains and see the snow!! You definitely have the best of both worlds!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Happy Holidays!


  10. WOW.. that is A LOT of snow..
    I didn't know CA. got snow...
    Have fun.. can't wait to see all the great pictures from your FUN all weekend..
    Finally got my cards out today..
    Have a Great Weekend..
    I am sooo ready for a vacation..

  11. Christy,

    Thats alot of snow for Southern
    Cal...How fun though!!! I hope
    you and your family have the



  12. Oh that sounds like so much fun!!! Isn't it exciting to get snow in a place where you don't usually see it. We had a tiny snowfall a few weeks ago and my kids were dancing around!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!


  13. Glad you got to enjoy some snow. It really is beautiful when it's lightly falling to the ground.

  14. Holy Cow, I don't call that a "little snow!" :) That is amazing. I bet your kids were sooo excited. I would have been too. It looks like you guys have been having a ball as usual. You guys are so much fun.

  15. It's that global warming thing...