Monday, December 8, 2008

Decorating The Tree!!!

Just a note. It is Tuesday morning and I just dropped Mia off at daycare for the first time as a kind of trial run since I am not officially working today. I stayed with her for a few and then said our goodbyes and as I was walking out I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was realizing I was leaving and started freaking out. I just walked away and didn't look back. I'm going to call in a few and see how she is-- I will let you know. I am taking this time to go test a couple kids from another school district so it wont be all day I am gone but I will let her stay most of the day. I will let you know how it goes-- sad :(
I picked Mia up from daycare around 3pm so she could stay for nap-- just to get her into the swing of things. The day care owner said Mia did great. She cried a bit after I left but warmed up to her (Ms. Sylvia) in no time. She said she played and that she was surprised by how fast Mia seemed to adjust. She went down for nap with no problem (which I was surprised by because it was a good 2 hours before we normally nap) and woke up fine. She got a little fussy right before I picked her up and of course when I walked in the door she started to cry but overall it looks like she had a great day-- YAAA!! Thursday is the "real" day so I will let you know how she does then.
Last night (Sunday night) we decorated our Christmas tree. I made our traditional soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and we ate in the living room around the tree. When we were done eating we started decorating. The kids always love this time but sadly we started too late and the sugar cookie dough I had made so that we could decorate cookies later had to be put on the back burner-- we will decorate cookies later this week. We had a good time-- even with our limited time.

I played with the aperture on my camera all night and never really got it right. I tried and even put it on night mode but I could never get vibrant sharp and clear pictures-- uggg!! Some of these are blurry but they are still OK.

This is Kevin with his first ornament- December 1972- and Ethan with his first ornament- December 1998.

This was the first ornament we bought for Mia before we knew who she was-- December 2005. It is a lady bug-- very cute!

She loved this little bug and had major issues putting it on the tree.

She loved the dangle legs and with her playing with it for so long we lost one of the legs.

This is such a funny picture. It was a little stocking that Mia had grabbed out of the box and we said nothing to her but she tried to put it on her foot. It was hilarious!!

This was Owen's first ornament-- December 2000

Again, playing with the aperture and never getting it right-- too dark this time.

Kevin putting the Angel on the top of the tree-- we have had the same Angel since our first Christmas as a married couple 14 years ago.

Mia loved taking the ornaments out of the box and carefully inspecting each one. She loved this star!

Helping dad

Mia looking at the Angel on the top of the tree.

Ethan hanging ornaments

Both boys actually working together-- imagine that!!

We have a little tree on a table in our entry way. We decorated that one as well.

Our decorated house from across the street-- again, could not get the lighting correct-- ugg!!

And it could not have been a full and complete night without a break down which we promptly had towards the end-- go figure :)


  1. Very cute pictures. It looks like you guys had a great night. The picture of Mia trying to put the little stocking on her foot cracked me up, she is so cute! : )

  2. LOVE the pictures..
    I think this is the only time that my kids act like they love each other to pieces
    Love the decorations.. and Mia's little ladybug and socks is tooooo cute..
    Have a Great Week..
    Hugs girly..

  3. I love that you use all different ornaments on your tree! It looks gorgeous!

    Oh and that is so sweet that you and Kevin still have the same angel.

  4. Everything looks absolutely beautiful!!!! You guys did a terrific job!!! Hey...we got married 14 years ago too!! How cool! It was a great year....huh?!?!

    Also...we just got a new camera...a Nikon d60 and we are SO clueless on how to work all the stuff. Good thing wolf camera does classes. It can do some awesome things...but we have trouble with ours being blurry too. I'm SURE it's because we have NO CLUE what we're doing. It all turned out great though!!! It's SO special to go through and look at all the ornaments through the years!!!

    Better go. Have a wonderful day!

  5. The photos were so fun to see, Christy! And, as for the lighting, I think the photo, "Helping Dad" was just perfect. A very nice shot!!! But, they all were nice. :)

    We still have to get our tree up!! WHERE does the time go??????

    ~ Michelle

  6. I just read your update...I am sure as soon as you left she was will take some time for her to adjust to your dropping her off! We went through this with Nick when he was little, he did not go to daycare until he was 3 and he cried everyday for 9 months, but they said as soon as I was gone, he was fine. I will check back for an update!!

    Looks like everyone had such a good time decorating the tree.....I loved that you had pictures of them with their first ornaments....your hubby and I were born the same year!!

    As for the camera adjustment....I have had a REALLY difficult time with pictures indoors at night, and especially with lights!! I can't figure it out, but I will let you know when I do:)

    Mia is such a cutie....and always decked out in the most adorable outfits!!


  7. a toddler meltdown always tops the evening off right. Hope her day at school went well.

  8. I just read your update..
    I am sooo sorry..
    I am crying with you..
    Wish I could win the lottery and then I could move over there and watch her myself..
    Hope all went well.
    Hugs girly..
    I know it is tough..
    I don't want that day to come..

  9. Your home looks lovely, absolutely wonderful!

  10. I am glad that Mia did well..
    Have a Great Week..
    Hugs my friend..

  11. Looks like a fun family night! I love the one of Mia trying to put on the tiny stocking - Lily always does that kind of thing.

    Glad the first day of daycare went well!


  12. Christy your house looks so beautiful! I love how you do soup and sandwiches for the decorating night, great idea!!

    I've been thinking about you guys and wondering how Mia did and how YOU did. Hugs!

  13. Looks like you had a great and memorable night! Complete with tantrum and all! Your house looks beautiful for the holidays.

  14. Hey Christy!

    Your house looks so beautiful and festive! I wish we were decorating this year, but instead we're going to be moving all of our furniture around and painting the baby's room :) Oh well--all the more reason to go totally overboard next year for Jordan's first Christmas!

    I showed John-Paul your photos--he wondered if you have a tripod? If you used a tripod outside to take the picture of the house, it would steady the camera and give you a nice clear photo of the lights. Oh, also, he wanted me to mention He said he's learned a lot from the site about how to take pictures in all sorts of light settings and changing the aperture, etc., and I guess they even offer tutorials and what-not.

    BTW, I love the tantrumming picture of Mia at the end! Ha ha! So cute.

  15. Beautiful tree -- sweet to see ornaments that have special meaning!