Friday, December 21, 2007

A House Full of Sickos

Well it is official. We have officially passed our first illness throughout our family. Ethan was sick with a fever 2 days ago and at that point he was the only one sick (our family never gets sick-- so this was strange). Yesterday he seamed fine and went to school. Last night I could tell he wasn't feeling well and Mia was real fussy yesterday so I was sure she wasn't feeling well. Then, last night I started feeling achy-- uggg!! Then in the middle of the night Ethan came in and said he has thrown up so he stayed in our bedroom to sleep and proceeded to throw up another 3 or 4 time (again, I cant remember the last time any of my kids puked- they just are never sick)-- NOT FUN! Well, in the midst of dealing with vomit, I had Mia constantly crying and each time I went in she was feverish and had bubbles of green snot boiling from her nose. Then to make matters worse I woke up (after maybe 2 hour of sleep in you add all the little pieces of sleep together) totally feeling bad. Kevin also said he can tell he is getting whatever is being passed around. Owen seems to be the only one who has not gotten sick but I am sure he will. This just sucks as Ethan has to miss his Christmas party at school toady and I have a ton of Christmas shopping to do but I hardly feel like getting off the couch so shopping is probably not going to happen until I feel better. Anyway, I hope your families are doing better than ours-- this is not fun!!!


  1. Oh girl! I'm soooo sorry!! Just relax on the couch and watch Christmas movies all weekend. Get better.

  2. I am SO sorry for you guys. It's weird...that same stomach bug is going around here too and I feel like I'm trying to isolate us all from the world cause I don't want to have to miss Christmas with our extended family. We've been downing Colodial Silver to help our immune system. Silas woke up one night throwing up...but it was just from all the drainage!! I'm praying we don't get it...and while I'm doing that...I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you guys!! It's NEVER fun when everyone is sick! Take care!! We're praying for you!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh sorry Christy! Boy though, can I ever sympathize. I am still not over my crud...on a different antibiotic... and Kailee seems to be getting yet another cold! She was not even over the last one. When will the madness end? Bob so far has gone unscathed! Lucky him!

  4. OH no! I hope everyone feels better soon :)

  5. Hope you are all well soon. Sucks to be sick at Christmas.


  6. Christy,

    So sorry to hear your family is
    not well!!!! The same thing
    happened to my family the day
    after Allie's party. I hope you
    guys have the most amazing XMAS

    Your Cyber Pal,


  7. I am sooo sorry to hear about the family sickness.... That is not a good thing...
    Hope you all get to feeling better...
    Hugs to you all

  8. I hope everyone gets better soon - it is no fun to have sick kids!!

  9. Tis the season for stomach bugs and colds galore. How I wish Old Saint Nick, had a cure! Both of my daughters have survived the stomach flu and now have runny noses. When will it ever end?


    PS. Glad you found me again!

  10. Hope everyone is feeling better by Monday. We just passed the sickies around here right after christmas. Jack got walking pneumonia!! I was on antibiotics too! Feel better soon!!!

  11. YUCK! I have it too, my family had it a couple weeks ago, but why me right before Christmas. Hope your all well soon, enjoy your first Christmas with Mia and your family!!

  12. Feel better, Christy. Both my girls are getting over the never-ending cold UR thing! That too comes with a fine assortment of vomitting and green goo...I hate winter:)

    Take good care