Monday, December 10, 2007

First Snow in Oak Glen

***CLARIFICATION- We did not get snow where we live in Rancho Cucamonga, we got snow in our local mountains. We wanted to take the kids to the snow so we went up to the mountains to play. It has snowed at our house a couple times but it stays for an hour or so and melts away. We live at about 1600 elevation and the snow got down to about 5000 elevation this weekend - Just to clarify***

Well, it is finally looking a bit like winter (OK at least our winter here in So Cal). We had a cold and wet weekend and we got snow in our local mountains. We realized Mia has probably never seen snow before since she was from Hunan and I don't believe they get snow there + she was too young to remember if she did. Because of this we decided to leave church a little early and go up to Oak Glen to play in the snow and just relax a bit. The boys had a blast as you can see in the following collage. They love the snow and are already wondering when we are going snowboarding. Both boys are great snowboarders and have been doing so for 3 years (mom ain't too shabby herself- been snowboarding since college). We will probably get up to our local mountains this next week to go boarding.

These next pictures are in a cute little antique place that had a warm fire going. I was so happy with the cute pictures we got. I actually can say that the one of the kids is kind of cute. Probably one of the best we have of all 3 kids together. I also included the ones of each of the kids with me. They were pretty cute. Sorry about the big Michellin Man jacket. I am a total weather wimp.
These next pictures are labeled "Mia and Daddy". She is so attached to him right now and vice versa. They are just too darn cute together. He makes her laugh big old belly laughs and she just adores him. I thought these pictures were so cute of the two of them.
This was Mia's first experience with this cold stuff called snow. At first she seemed to like it but as soon as she felt it and fell down, she was not too happy. She got over it pretty quickly but she is going to have to get use to the snow every once in a while as I am sure she will be tagging along on a few Mammoth/ Snowboarding trips.
This last picture is of the boys with my sister Cassie. They love their auntie and Cass sees the kids all the time.

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  1. Love the pictures...
    They are all soooo good..
    How fun to go play in the snow...
    The picture of all the kids is GREAT...
    Sounds like they had a lot of fun..
    Have a Great Week..
    Can't wait to see the snowboarding pictures...

  2. Looks like you guys get as much snow as we do. I would LOVE it if we could get a good snow. I don't think our kids have really seen snow before. Sophie has seen a little, but not much. It would be great to watch them enjoy it!!

    I love the pictures. You're right..the ones of you and the kids are GREAT!!! I know you're thrilled to have them all smiling and in a good mood. It is a challenge getting them just right, isn't it? At least it is on our end!

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like you guys had a great time with the snow! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Love all of those wonderful wintery pictures. Happy Holidays!

  4. Great pictures! I love the collages. It looks like you had a fun day in the snow!

  5. You and your sister look so much alike:)

    The snow looks like fun. I was so surprised to see you all in snow:)


  6. Those picutes all turned out so cute! I was suprised to see pics with snow!!!

  7. these are wonderful pictures,
    we never get snow my kids want to see it really bad.
    I love that your sister is such a good Aunt. My kids really have no aunts or uncles that are a big part of thir life. That is a huge blessing.
    Hope you get to snowboard!

  8. Snowboarding? What fun!! I love how you are all bundled up in your North Face! I am still in denial - not breaking out the winter coat :) Funny that Mia wasn't crazy about falling down in that wet stuff! I wouldn't be either.. too hard to crawl in!

  9. Adorable photos!

    How the heck to you get Mia to smile at the same time as you??? I can never get a picture of everyone smiling at the same time!