Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tutu's, Mother Mia and Cookies

Lot's of stuff over the last few days and a lot more to come.

First off, I am into this cute little tutu thing. Interesting style and Kevin thinks it is hilarious but I totally love it. So, Mia wore her full on tutu and just looked so cute I had to photograph it again (like I ever hold back on taking pictures). So here are her cute tutu pics:

Ever wonder what Mia's personality is like? Well, here it is. This is totally her in all her loud animated glory. We were at the mall's play area yesterday and she was acting so funny I pulled out my camera to take some pics. As you look at the 4 pictures imagine she is talking constantly and talking louder than you can imagine that tiny body could. She is so loud and so animated. It is so cute and she surprises everyone because she looks so small and cute and then she opens her mouth and people are like "holy cow-- that loud voice came out of that little thing?"
Ever wonder how Mia interacts with other kids? Well, here it is. She loves other kids and really interacts well. Again, she looks so much younger than she is so people are 1, shocked she walks, and 2, that she interacts so well with other kids. Mia loves little people and even though this boy was bigger than Mia and only a few months younger, she acts like she is taking care of him. She is concerned for him-- very cute! I guess the motherly instinct is there even at 13 months of age :)
Kevin's parents came over last night to make sugar cookies with the boys. They had so much fun and so did their daddy. Kevin's mom is a teacher and she is the most organized and creative person around. During summer she watched the boys and my nieces for a day and the actually came over and set up centers that the kids rotated through. It blows me away because I am SO NOT LIKE THAT!! I wish I were but way too much work. That is why we have grandma-- she love to do that. Anyway, they made BEAUTIFUL cookies and had a blast doing it. My sister Cassie was heading to the cabin in Arrowhead and was dropping her dogs off for the night and we were having so much fun making cookies that she stayed for dinner and cookie making. Kevin made wonderful soup and homemade bread and we all sat around and chatted all night. It was a great time and the kids just loved making cookies.
Today we are heading to the cabin in Arrowhead. They got snow last weekend so maybe we will do some sledding. We will be up there till late tonight so I will post pictures tomorrow. Have a great day!!


  1. wow this is a great post, love learning about Mia and love the tutu thing, I just don't like to dress either of my girls in jeans very often at all I like the fru fru too.
    I am so not like that in the kitchen either, can't stand a mess. my poor kids want to bake stuff and I am a meany...

  2. Great post...
    Love the tutu...
    And what can I say ...except.. Mia is tooo adorable..
    How fun to have Grandma come over and make the cookies... that sounds like you all had sooo much fun..
    Have fun at the cabin...
    Can't wait for the pictures...

  3. LOVE tutus!!!!!!!! What a fun post!

  4. I wish we lived closer so I could come over and share the cookies! I am glad we live close enough for Dland though. So, what's up with that? Are we doing the parade and fireworks soon?

  5. I love tutus too! I cannot WAIT for them!! You guys have been busy! How do you make your icing for your cookies? We always use buttercream frosting & decorate them, but painting them sure looks like fun! Have fun in the S-N-O-W!

  6. Love Mia in the tutu! Will has those same pajamas as your son and wore them when we made cookies theother night too. I am posting it this week.


  7. LOVE the tutus! I found the other tutu pants at Naartje last week and scooped some up for the girls. I can't wait until they walk so they can wiggle their little bottoms and the tutu can shake shake shake!

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