Saturday, December 8, 2007

Awards, Parties & Shopping

On Thursday morning our boys had their awards assemblies. Both of them did well and were very proud of themselves.

Owen received two awards. He received the "ROAR" award which is for good behavior for 3 months. He also received the "On The Right Track" award which means he is working hard on his grades. The one picture is of Owen and his teacher Mrs. Kooyman who we LOVE!!!! Owen did a great job and we are proud of him.
Ethan also received two awards. Ethan made the Honor Roll for good grades and also the "ROAR" award for good behavior for 3 months. The last picture is of Ethan and his teacher Ms. Bruer. She is wonderful and we are so happy Ethan has her! GOOD JOB ETHAN!!!
On Thursday night we finally finished decorating the Christmas Tree. It was nice to finally get it finished but we had a good time doing so.
My moms birthday was Friday and on Saturday night we went to her annual Birthday Dinner to Three Forks in Claremont. It is a fine dining restaurant and since my brother is the head Chef Instructor at the culinary school in Pasadena (as well as the head wine expert) he knows most of the staff. Needless to say we were treated very well including siting at the Chef's Table. It was an amazing dinner that we only do a few times a year. Since fine dining is a bit pricey to say the least, it is a once every few month treat that we always look forward to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

Mia didn't get any awards at the awards assembly but she entertained us during the boring times. She also entertained Ethan's class while they were waiting to walk into their assembly. We had Owen's assembly and then we had to take a walk on the playground while the 3rd grade assembly went on and then finally we had Ethan's 4th grade assembly and then we got to go home. Mia did very well for being at the school for such a long time!


This last collage is of Mia at Ann Taylor again today. Mia loves the mirror and kissing herself and sticking her tongue out and talking to herself. It is so darn cute and luckily the girls that work there know me well (Ann Taylor is my favorite store) so don't mind Mia messing up the mirror.


  1. Great Job Ethan & Owen...
    Happy Birthday Mom...
    And Mia is adorable...
    But I have to say.. I think the pictures with the adorable little sweater.. out on the playground.. that is the first time I have not seen a bow in Mia's hair...LOL..
    Love the pictures of the kids finishing the tree...
    Have a WONDERFUL Sunday....

  2. You always have such great pictures. Love the video in the last post of Mia talking on the phone! I think this is my favorite stage when they start talking and you get to hear their little voices. When Piper says something we can't understand, we just say she's speaking in Chinese! I, too, am amazed at their verbal skills when all they heard for so long was a different language.
    Mia is really cute, of course!

  3. Great pictures Christy! Congrats to Ethan and Owen!!

  4. Whoo! Hoo! Go, Ethan & Owen!

    And also have to say
    "Gosh, your hair looks cute!"

  5. Great Pics, I just love the dress
    you are wearing, it was just beautiful. Your family is amazing

  6. Congrats to Ethan & Owen!!! Christy, Ethan looks JUST LIKE YOU!! He's a little clone!! How awesome!!

    I love all the pictures. Christmas decorating is fun. I always have this problem...I want it a certain way, but I want to try and make it a great memory for the kids too by letting them participate...and I get torn on having the tree look like I want it or making sure the kids just have fun..and not worrying about what the tree looks like. I know the more important thing is that the kids have a great time and make a good memory, but I still get a little frustrated in the middle of it!! :) It is so much fun to do though!!!

    Great pics of you and your hubby at the dinner too!! Looks like a nice night out!!! Hope you have a great week!

  7. Congratulations to your very smart kids! And you all looked smashing at the birthday dinner!

  8. Happy Birthday to you Mom! Sounds like the dinner sure was fun! I have not been blogging for a week or so....and my you guys have been busy!

  9. Way to go boys!!!!You must make your parents very proud!!!!