Monday, August 6, 2007

We were in the hotel before we left to the reception and I knew this was probably one of the last times Mia's dress would be clean so I decided to take some pictures. Isn't she the cutest little princess in the world!!!

My friend Tenderly has a biological son Chance and she adopted these two amazing children, Kenzy and Landon, about 2 years ago (maybe longer). They are biological siblings and they were adopted through San Bernardino County. They are amazing children and they look so much like Chance is is unbelievable. So, this is the adoption crew-- Landon, Kenzy and Mia!!! YAAAAA for ADOPTION!!!!!

Here is a picture with Chance. If you didn't know Kenzy and Landon were adopted wouldn't you think they were bio siblings with Chance. It is amazing how much they look alike!!! The adorable blond boy is Justin and he is my friend Joann's son.

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