Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Feeling Trapped!!!

Now that Mia is mobile she gets herself into all kinds of predicaments. Not only does she trap herself and just think it is the funniest thing for us to get her out but she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. The tiniest piece of lint of food or dog hair-- it goes straight into the mouth. This slide show is a great example. The first few pictures I took I didn't notice that she had a nice little red thing in her mouth. Finally on the last photo you will notice the red thing is gone. And what is the red thing you ask? A Battleship place thing -- as in "You sunk my battleship!" So, the fun continues as we watch where Mia will get stuck or what she will eat. Great fun!!!Oh yes, one more thing. I have caught her standing on her own when she doesn't know she is doing so. As soon as I distract her from what she is intently doing, she then sits down. I am frightened to say, but I would guess she will be walking in the near future-- UGGGG!!!

One more note, Mia turned 10 months today!!! Happy 10th month Birthday my sweet girl!!! Her birthday is October 29 so I'm sure it will be a Halloween birthday. Now I just need to figure out what she will be for Halloween. Any suggestions?


  1. My friend has a daughter born on Halloween and she made a costume that looked like a birthday cake. She made it out of embroidery hoops, three different sizes and put pink taffetta-type fabric over it to look like a 3-layer cake, then she put pearls on it to look like decorator frosting. Then she made a hat and put a "1" candle on top. I can ask her for a picture if you like and send it to you by email.

  2. Happy 10 Months Little Mia...
    She is sooo cute..
    Trouble is just getting ready to start..
    Love her outfit..