Friday, August 17, 2007

As a cop, Kevin likes to train our children how to drive early on. We have been working hard with Mia--- she is getting pretty good-- SEE!!!!

We made our way across the Rocky Mountains (Vail, Apen etc) and then through Utah and then we nicked the tip of Arizona and then drove through Nevada and Las Vegas and then finally California-- We made it home at 3am Friday morning. This is in Utah.

More in Utah

Posted by PicasaMia loved to sit between our 2 front seats and play with the cords. Not quite the safest place but when you are traveling 15 hours, most of which is straight through, you have to improvise to keep one little princess happy.

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  1. I truly hope that you did not allow your kid to sit on the floor unbuckled while driving. Not only is it unsafe but illegal. It is bad enough that the biological parents did not want her and abandoned her. Now you white people bought the girl you are putting her life at risk!!!! I bet you did not put your own kids life in jeopardy because it was conveinent.You kind of people do not deserve to have kids. I hope that Children Services sees how you endangered this poor kid.