Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Food & Wine Pairing Dinner

My brother Brad is a chef instructor at the big culinary school in Pasadena, CA. He is a lead instructor but he is also the wine expert and teaches all the wine classes. He is amazing at what he does and also writes a column for a local paper & teaches wine classes at Huntington Gardens. He and his wife and 4 children live on a farm and raise their own vegys and pork, chicken and beef. Amy runs "Amy's Farm" which is a place schools come for field trips. She also has a line of farm fresh eggs, vegys etc. Brad and Amy live an amazing life on the farm!!

About every 3 months or so Brad will do a food and wine pairing dinner where he creates multi-course meals paired with a wine at every course. The food is always amazing and it is also educational as Brad teaches how the food and wine compliment each other. Anyway, we always invite our family (Kev, me, my mom and dad and sister Cassie) and always invite our cousin Terry and his wife Jamie. Terry is a HUGE wife buff with an amazing wine collection so he and Brad always spend a ton of time planning the wine for the meal. This dinner did not disappoint. It was AMAZING!!! We could not have enjoyed ourselves more. We had the dinner at our house but we sent the boys to a friends house to swim. Mia stayed with us and she too enjoyed herself.

A big thanks to Brad for the amazing meal!!!

Run cursor over each photo to see the caption.


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