Friday, August 17, 2007

Bringing the RV Home

Our family greatly enjoys camping and have a 5th wheel that we drag behind our big truck. The problem is now that we have 3 kids, the backseat is really tight and it causes a few problems when we try to travel long distances. Subsequently Kevin and I decided the RV (motor home) is the direction we need to head. So, we started shopping and found the best deal in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is about a 1000 mile drive from our house. We decided to purchase that RV and flew out (Kev, Mia and I-- boys with aunt and uncle) to Colorado on Wednesday. After we picked up the RV we went to visit a good friend from High School Church youth group-- Heather. Heather, her husband and her 2 boys live close to Colorado Springs so we had dinner with them Wednesday night which happened to be the night before Heather and her husband traveled to China to pick up their daughter. Actually, as I write this, they should be getting their daughter within about 12 hours- WOW!!! Anyway, it was such a coincidence that the RV was close to them and that they left for China the next day that we had to stop by and have dinner. It was very gracious of Heather and Milan to allow us to barge in on their last evening at home before China-- THANKS GUYS!!! WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!

They have such a cute family and soon will have little Elaina!!

After dinner with Heather and Milan we started driving and decided to spend the night in Vail Colorado. It was beautiful. We didn't stay long but had to take a picture before we left.

Posted by PicasaA glimpse of the RV behind Kevin.

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  1. Congrats on the RV! We ABSOLUTELY loved ours!!!! We just recently sold's been a tough summer without it. As soon as we land home from China we're off to the nearest dealer to buy another!