Monday, August 13, 2012


We had such a nice relaxing day. Out campground is awesome and we love it we literally look straight out the front of the Rv to the playground and grassy area the kids play on. It's a super nice play area and huge grassy area the boys are playing football on as well as playing soccer and whatever with other campground kids. Lots of europeans on Rv trips at this campground. In fact at the playground only about half the kids speak English- kind of funny. We woke up and let kids play for hours. We finally drove down to the warf and canary row and parked and decided to walk. We followed a cool trail between the warf and the aquarium area. We decided not to do the Monterey aquarium because 1, it was later in the day 2, it was super expensive (like $200 for our family just to get in) and 3, we wanted to head back to the campground for the kids to play and eat dinner at the campground and not out. We were happy with our decision. We walked The warf and ate great fish and chips and went to a candy shop and got some taffy and just really enjoyed a relaxed day. We ended up back at the campground and the kids played and played. I'm now in the car driving emery to sleep since the Rv is too loud and active for her little extrovert personality to allow herself
To fall asleep- so I've drove her for 5
Min and she was asleep so now I'm parked doing blogging on my phone. Tomorrow we head to San Francisco.

Here are some pictures of our day. The last is of deer at our campsite.


  1. I love Monterey...what a fun vacation, I also love road trips!! Your boys are getting SO big and the girls are all soooo darling!! Have fun in San Francisco!!

  2. I've got to know the name of the RV park? We live in CA as well and love Monterey, but most of the RV places seem to be glorified parking lots. ;) Anyway, I'd love to know if you care to share....thanks!


  3. What a fun vacation! Your girls are getting sooo big!