Wednesday, August 15, 2012

San Francisco

By the way, if you use instagram my pic profile is open so you can follow our trip and see all the same photos there right when they are taken in real time. If you want to follow, my profile name is kcbock72.

We have really enjoyed San Francisco. We must come back again soon. We enjoyed pier 39 area an fishermans warf and of course our day was not complete without a wonderful gihradelli Sunday!!! It was great. They kids had fun- we had fun- and we were not ready to kill the kids :). Today we did the exploratorium and Lombard street and then late lunch in china town. We hit tons of traffic on our way back tithe Rv park but we finished up the day with kevs famous jumbalya in the Rv. I'm now at the laundry mat at our Rv place doing some laundry we desperatly need. This trip is interesting with clothing as the coast has been cool and San Fran has been COLD and tomorrow we head to Sacramento here it will be downright HOT!!!!! So we had a lot of different clothes to bring and we have used them all. Funny thing is I hardly know how to use a laundry may anymore. I couldn't figure out why the washers were so much smaller than they dryers. Kev explained and I felt stupid. I don't think I've been to a laundry mat since our first year of
Marriage 18 years ago!!! Wow!!

Anyway, here are pictures from San Francisco! There are some from gihradelli and boudin the bread place where we had dinner. There are some of the exploratorium and Lombard street and coit tower. I'm doing this on the blogger iPhone app so I can't label the pics so I hope that helps explain a bit what the pics are.


  1. Yup. We live in Sac, and it's HOT here.

    Did you walk past the aquarium to watch the seals in Monterey? That's one of our favorites. We also love the aquarium, though.

  2. WOW... looks like you are all having sooo much fun..