Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where are we now??

Kevin is healing well but is still in a lot of pain and cant drive yet, so life is crazy busy running 4 + 1 husband around. He is not even close to back to normal and is on crutches for the time being so it makes things difficult to get around but he does manage to walk each day and is able to help around the house with the girls a bit. BUT, primarily it's me and I must admit, I AM TIRED!!! I am sitting here now on my new little Dell laptop (arrived in the mail on Friday-- since my others were stolen-- its a little mini-- love it!!!) and actually relaxing for the first time I can remember in a while. I am enjoying it but all the things are going through my mind on what I need to be doing to get the kids ready for the week and get to the grocery store to get a few things-- uggg-- I wish I could turn off my mind.

Anyway, we had another neurosurgeon appointment for Finley on Friday and we have a bit of a plan now. First off, we have one DR who comes from the wait till symptoms occur camp and another DR who is from the do preemptive surgery before symptoms occur. The two DR's have mulled over the options over and over and have come to a consensus that they want to see if the possible "symptoms" that I am seeing (clumsy, flat foot run, tires easy) are because of the tethered cord or just typical 3 year old things. She will be seen soon by the Spina Bifida clinic where all specialties look at her and make sure everything is good. They will be able to see if the "symptoms" are related to the tethered cord and if so we will have surgery ASAP. The other part of this that is really good is that the DR said that there are some strange kids that have a very stretched cord due to tethering but they somehow never show symptoms-- ever. He says it is rare but there are some kids that just defy the odds. He said that Finley is a bit strange to him. He asked her to touch her toes and she just bends over and does it. He then watched her bow her back and do almost a back bend while playing on Kevin's lap. He says there is no way she should be able to do those things being as tethered as she is. He said when touching her toes it should either hurt or she would avoid doing it or if she does, she should be leaking pee. He said she just does not fit the typical profile right now and he does not know if that will always be the case and if it is, he does not want to do unnecessary surgery. So, that is the plan as of now. We will get into the SB clinic ASAP and start running tests to get baselines and to see her overall functioning levels and then we will go from there. Overall, we are happy with this plan and hope she is just one of these strange kids that never show symptoms. That would be amazing!!! We pray for that!!!

So for your enjoyment, here is Finley's school picture. I put it on facebook but had not posted it on my blog. Every time I look at the picture I laugh hysterically!!!! I think she has the funniest picture in the world!!!!

So we are working on getting Finley to learn how to smile. She is working on it but is not totally there-- here is another try. I took it with my phone. Getting better :)

The girls are obsessed with my bra and they put them on all the time. They make me laugh. I know it is embarrassing but here is this is a picture I took with my cell the other day-- too funny!!!!

Oh ya, on a final note, Miss Mia decided she would finally do what all moms pray their daughters never do-- can we all say it together-- CUT HER HAIR!!!! Oh yes she did-- she cut her hair-- and yes the bangs. It is not horrible but her bangs are at about her mouth and they use to be the longest part of her hair-- so we have a cut scheduled this week to make it look a bit better. Also, she informed me later that day that she also cut Finley's bangs!! They are very not bad but you can tell a little bit when her hair is being pulled back. Oh happy day-- uggggg!!!!!


  1. Ok..first of all...that school picture is HYSTERICAL!!! Poor can see that she is really trying!! Second, great news from the neuro!!! I think she's going to be one of those kids that defy the odds...she already is!!!

    Third...the hair!!! UGH!!!! I am praying I can escape that ever happening...I would be so mad!!

    Hope your week goes smooth and that hubby of yours continues to heal quickly!

  2. glad everything is going better:) I broke my hip 8 years ago and thought I was on crutched a long time(3 months), I have been proved wrong. I feel his pain though, so sorry!!
    Finley's picture made me laugh out loud:)

  3. awesome school picture. Finley is a funny kid. Welcome to the cut your own hair club, Mia! Glad to know Kevin is healing. Praying for you as you have your kids and hubby to care for under all of the stress of healing and the break in mess.

  4. Great news! I just love the picture-I laughed when I saw it, too. And I think cutting your hair when you're a girl is something of a rite of passage :-)