Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 4 year Gotcha Day ~ May 21, 2007~ (3 days late-opps)

I'm 3 days late on posting but things are crazy around here but I did not want this day to pass without recognition of our beautiful little girl and her 4th anniversary of her GOTCHA DAY!!!!!

Yes, 4 years ago on May 21, 2007 in Changsha Hunan China, we saw our beautiful little girl in person for the first time ever. She was just 6 months old but she was full of personality and she melted our hearts immediately. Here is when they handed Mia over to us for the first time.

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Back in our hotel room. She was wide eyed and taking everything in. She was perfection!!

So 4 years have passed and our little girl has experienced amazing growth and changes. She has turned into a smart and kind leader who has a magnetic force that attracts others.

Among the many things she has tackled, she has gracefully and lovingly opened her heart and her bedroom to her new sister only 3 and a half months ago. She has proven to be a caring and loving sister who has taught Finley so much.

She has shared her mommy and daddy and has given up the role of only daughter gracefully. While the transition has not been perfect, it has been a learning experience for Mia and she has grown in the process. She is a proud older sister and loves her mei mei more than anything!!!

She is a leader and leads in a loving manner and loves nothing more than to get everyone playing together!!

She is our picture of how God's plans are perfect. She is a picture of how He adopted each of us into His family and how He loves us unconditionally. She is my big girl whom I love more than how far the east is from the west!!!!

Happy 4th GOTCHA Day my sweet girl!!!


  1. Happy 4 Years Mia...
    I love these photos..
    and I sooo remember watching every second of the China trip,.
    Love you tons..

  2. Happy Family Day!!
    She is most definitely a picture of God's perfect plan!

  3. Happy Anniversary Mia!!!! Some very special little girls came home that Spring! You are fearfully, wonderfully and so beautifully made!!


  4. What a fun day to remember. Our daughter was born just a few months later in the Hunan Province and in September 2008 we traveled to Changsha also. We are coming up on our 3 year anniversary. Where in Hunan is Mia from?

  5. Happy 4th Gotcha Day to your family...We have enjoyed watching Mia grow and change over the years..she truely is a beauty!


  6. Happy Forever Family Day! Congrats - it is something to celebrate - like an extra birthday! Isn't it more than amazing how perfect each child is and how well matched for each family? All is God's plan, thank goodness!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  7. What a sweet post for a sweet and precious little girl!!

    Happy 4 years!!

  8. What a lovely video of your special day, and what a treasure you were given!