Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Update

Just wanted to give a quick update on Kevin. He is doing well and was up to walk 2 times yesterday. They would only let him walk a little bit because people tend to overdo it the day after surgery so they made him only walk a bit-- but he did great and had no issues. He has had Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy come visit him a couple time and will come again today as well. With PT he is walking and learning the correct way to do that with his new hip and OT is teaching him how to do all the little things like put on his socks and shoes and other fun personal things. The OT stuff is only to teach him while he is healing and has movement restrictions so he should be able to do all that stuff on his own soon (not sure how long but hopefully soon). The doctor came in yesterday and said Kev looked great and should be in line to be discharged Sunday. They had thought if he was doing really great that they might let him out today but I think that was a bit too soon and he had a little temperature last night so I'm sure they will keep him till tomorrow. Overall, he is great and we are trying to prepare for him coming home and having to climb stairs to get to bed. We will make it work :)

The kids are good and I was able to sneak the girls into see daddy yesterday. The rule is the kids must be 16-- can you believe that-- 16!!! So clearly the girls are a bit young but I just took them in the elevator and walked to his room like we knew what we were doing and no one asked us anything so we kept going and sure enough we made it to Kev's room. They were so excited to see daddy but Finley was kind of cautious and a bit confused. It took her a few minutes but she warmed up and daddy became daddy with a bunch of tubes coming out of him. I have been so blessed with so much help with the kids. Today we have hockey games and then I'm taking the boys out to see Kev and the girls are going with my mother in law Mary. Tomorrow-- well, I'm not sure yet but I will figure it out :)

Thanks so much for everyone's prayers and hospital visits. It has been nice seeing people drop in to say hi.

After we snuck the girls in :)


  1. Glad things are going well.

    A lot of hospitals have the 16 age thing to prevent the kids from bringing germs in that other patients can catch. Usually they'll let them in if they're immediate family, but with the germ mask.

    Hopefully he'll be home in time to wish you a happy Mother's Day.


  2. So glad that Kevin is doing well.
    and the girls got to sneak
    Have a great weekend..
    Happy Mother's Day my friend..

  3. Glad he's doing better will continue to pray for a speedy recovery. Try to have a Happy Mother's Day all the same.