Thursday, May 26, 2011

And for your viewing enjoyment...

We have some video. I don't post video much because honestly I just forget to but tonight I went on a kick and here you g-- 4 lame videos of our family. Welcome to a typical night at our home. Yes it is loud and yes it is crazy but it is never dull or boring. So tonight Owen spilt his mazzithra (sp??) cheese pasta on the ground and decided he would use the vacuum to clean up his mess. Kevin got the great idea to vacuum Owen's hair because the cheese was in his hair as well. Well, here is what ensued:

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Craziness I tell you-- craziness!!!!

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And then we move onto Finley and her little personality. She cracks me up.

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Our little helper. She is so funny and is the best worker in the house (Owen takes a close second - you saw him vacuuming earlier- he loves to work around the house). It was so funny because we see the same dynamic with Ethan and Owen as we do with Finley and Mia. Owen works hard and then all of a sudden Ethan will realize that whatever Owen is doing might be interesting and will come up at the very end and try to act as if he had been working the whole time. Sadly, Mia does the same thing with Finley. Finley was clearing the table and when it came time to punch the buttons on the dishwasher all of a sudden Mia decides she wants to be the one to push the button although she had not helped at all-- Finley did all the work. So sadly we have 2 great worker and 2--ummm..... not so good workers-- :)

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And wonderful Miss Mia telling her amazingly creative story-- NOT!!! It's kind of cute.


  1. Christy your kids are all so cute. Looks like you have a very busy household with lot's going on at all times which is wonderful. Your yard looks beautiful too as are your kids:) Hope you are recovering from the break in and that your hubby is doing well after surgery. Have a great weekend.

  2. oh your house is so, so funny!! Not unlike my own, only you might hear me name calling amidst the chaos :-) it gets SO loud at our house and NONE of my kids are good helpers!! ha!! Love Miss Mia's story!! that was a great re-telling! And Finely is so funny - Mya used to out her hands in front of her face when I'd try to take her picture - drove me nuts!!

    And well, boys will be boys. I am pretty sure my video would have ended in wrestling :) Sigh. And now, summers here.

    LOVE your yard!! Do your neighbors love seeing two little Chinese girls in their panties playing?? lol!! Mya had a friend over yesterday and they were doing slip and slide - I went to the backyard for a MINUTE and came back and the little girl was NAKED - having just PEED in the front lawn. Awesome. Just awesome!!