Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chinese Students~ Care Package~ Kacey

Thursday we said good by to our Chinese Students- Dony and Tommy. They were great kids and the boys got along with them GREAT!!! We were very pleased with our boys this year and hope to keep in contact with them.

Saying good by at the Church

There were about 100 Chinese Students with this group and this was the group that was from the boys actual school in Chengdu-- about 4 schools make up the 100 kids.

We are sending a care package to Finley today and included in the package is a photo album with 10 pictures of our family- one of our family, one of each of us individually, picture of our house, picture of our backyard and a few others. Here is the picture of our family we are sending in the album but also we are having a pillow made with this picture on the front for Finley.

A bit of a glare on Finley but overall a decent picture

The next exciting thing was I got to see a wonderful Blogger pal Kacey on Friday. Kacey was in town for her (and mine-- we graduated from the same high school and didn't know it- I only attended that high school for 6 months) high school reunion and I got to see her little Jenny!!! She was precious and we had a wonderful time at lunch.

Mia and Jenny-- tooooooo cute!!!

Kacey the girls and I

So sweet!!
I loved spending time with Kacey and hope to see her again soon!!!


  1. LOVE the family photo..
    I am soooo excited for you ..
    How fun to meet up with Kacey..
    Jennifer and Mia are toooo cute..
    Have a great week

  2. It was so wonderful to see you guys and hear all about Finley. I can't wait for the day she's with us for a lunch! We missed you at the one you and Kevin must come too! :)