Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mia's First Day of Preschool

Mia's birthday is October 29 and here in the state of California the cut off for school is December 2. Therefore, Mia could go into kindergarten not this year but next, but because she is so young for her grade, we have chosen to keep her out till the following year. So, Mia will have 2 years of preschool (this year and the next) before heading to Kindergarten. Anyway, we decided to put her into my school district preschool. It is a progressive new preschool model through the public schools that includes a class of half special ed kids (mostly speech delayed kids) and half regular ed kids. The great part about this program is the regular ed kids like Mia get all of the interventions the special ed kids get like speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and others as well. Our district and others in the country have done studies on the students both special ed and regular ed that come out of the program and they score much higher than their peers in different preschool programs. It works well for both special ed and regular ed kids and both benefit, therefore when my district said I could enroll Mia in our preschool, I jumped at the chance. There are limited number of regular ed spaces available and they only go to Upland residents but because I work in the district, they gave Mia a spot---yaaaa!!! So, all that to say---- Mia started preschool last week--yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Picture before we left

She was so excited about going to school.

Heading through the gates

Mia and her new teacher Mrs. Moderager-- and yes, Mia pronounces her name perfectly-- I still cant.

Mia in line with one of her friends from Church who happened to be put in the same class. Mia was thrilled!!!!

Walking to their classroom

A captive audience as Mrs. M explains the plan

Mia loves puzzles and was so happy there were tons to play with in their classroom

Mia and Addy working hard :)

Mia now has one week of preschool under her belt and she is so happy. She told me tonight as I was putting her to bed that she loved Mrs. Moderager and wants to go to her house to play. Too cute!!!


  1. She is SO cute!! She looks so big and proud! Glad she's loving it!!

  2. What a wonderful first day! Mya is going to the same kind of preschool and so far, so good!

  3. What a big girl. Happy first week of school, Mia.

  4. Oh my -- she is so adorable and looking good on that first day! Maddy went to preschool for 2 years too -- a special ed one due to her hearing loss and it helped her so much!

    Hope you have a great week!

  5. She definitely looks like one excited little girl. Glad preschool is such a big hit with her.

  6. How FUN..
    LOVE IT.
    Love the photos..
    Mia looks like she is going to have sooo much fun..
    Have a great week.
    Miss ya love ya..

  7. Wow, she is looking so much older! Every time I check out your blog, I make an appointment to get my daughter's hair cut. I love that bob cut--so cute!

  8. We have nothing like that here and I have been advocating that we implement the program in our district! Mia looks so happy and I'm so glad she's loving it!

  9. Can it really be that time already?!?! Can she really be a big girl and ready for school?!?! EEK!

    She's so cute, just adorable. Doing crafts at the table, and the backpack. Quint starts next week...sob!

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