Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cool Party

The boys were invited to Carson's birthday party yesterday and since we are great friends with Carson's parents, Mia and I crashed (Kev was at work). It was a total boys party with a jumpy water slide thing, tons of swimming and a sleepover. They had a blast. My pal Lia also was there taking pictures with her totally cool camera-- here are some of them!

At the bottom of the water slide thing, a bunch of mud began to form. Because the boys are boys, guess what they did???? Yes, roll around in it-- love it!!

My beautiful boy!!

Jake and Ethan jumping off the waterfall

Ethan thought he was so cool!!

Could not love this picture anymore!! It is so adorable. This is Owen and Judah who is his best friend from school. they are so darn cute!!!

Owen making a splash!!!

Mia and Ethan jumping. Mia is so brave. That little girl is not scared of anything. She wanted to jump off the 7 foot+ waterfall by herself but I would not let her jump unless her brothers jumped with her. By the way, she is now swimming on her own but I make her wear a floaty unless I am literally right beside the pool. I'm so happy she is now water safe.

My other beautiful boy!

Thanks tons Lia for all these amazing pictures of the kids-- You take great pictures!!


  1. What beautiful pictures your friend took Christy. Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter. The party look like it was an awesome time for all:)

  2. How fun...
    LOVE IT..
    Beautiful photos..
    Have a great week...
    Love ya.. miss ya

  3. Wow - Lia did get some great snaps of the boys!! Looks like a ton of fun - who minds when YOU crash!?!

  4. What a fun party!! The pictures are great too!