Monday, July 26, 2010

We got an update!!!!!

Thanks to our amazing new friends who are volunteers in Finley's orphanage, we were able to get an update with a bunch of pictures in record time!!!! We are so thrilled with this level of communication and again, we feel like we won the lottery!!!

We sent many questions to the director of the SWI and received great information in response.

Here are the questions and responses-- we cant believe how perfect this is!

1. Has Haoyi had any additional surgeries since her original surgery in 10-07? If so, what surgery?


2. Has Haoyi had an updated MRI since the last one in May 08? If so, can we get the results?


3. Does Haoyi have control of her bowels and urinary function (potty trained or incontinent)?

Yes, she can and she has been potty trained. (This is huge as Spina Bifida kids this is a big unknown and to know she is potty trained, we just cant believe it!)

4. Does Haoyi have adequate leg strength in compared to her same age peers?

Yes, she does. Normal growth.

5. Can she run, jump and walk up stairs at the same level of her peers?

Yes, she can run, jump and walk up stairs just like her peers. (Again, big deal with SB kids. Shows her lower extremities are not affected-- totally big deal)

6. Has her condition diminished or progressed negatively from her report in June 2009?

She has been doing good, and normal growth. (Also a big deal as SB kids can diminish if they have a thing called "tethered cord" which it sounds like she does not)

7. Is her intellectual development progressing well?

Yes good intelligence.

8. Is Haoyi’s language progressing well in compared to her peers? In the report dated June 2009 it indicated her language was limited. Is her language now at a low, average or high level as compared to her age peers?

It’s true that her language was limited then because there was little communication at the orphanage and the kids here usually have a later start in the development of language. But now she can basically express herself and communicate with others. She can say sentences of 2 or 3 words. Compared with her peers, her language level is average. (guess were going to be learning Mandarin:)

We are thrilled!!!!! She really is the best case scenario for an SB kid. We just cant believe this and want to get her NOW!!!!!

So, now for the updated pictures!! She is precious and has the most beautiful eyes and lips-- I just love them! Kind of sad they cut her hair but we will let it grow and she looks beautiful no matter what!! She is now 2.7 years old and she looks bigger than Mia who is 3.7. That is what she looks like in pictures, but when you actually see her in person, often they are smaller than they look in photos.

This was a couple months ago before they cut her hair

Oh the concentration- again, a couple months ago

Taken just a few days ago after they cut her hair

So adorable!!! Looks like she is spinning or something like that!

Even though they cut her hair, they still are putting clippies in it-- good for them!!

Love her eyes in this picture!! They are so big and beautiful!!

Nice outfit and love the pouty lips!

Again, we cant be happier and to get this kind of information on our daughter is so rare-- we feel so blessed!!!

I'm going to send a care package this week and we will hopefully get pictures from that. I will keep all of you informed.

We need to get our immigration paperwork in this week so pray for things to go smooth and that the process will be FAST!!! We want our girl!!!!


  1. Christy,

    Your new daughter is lovely! Congratulations on all the good news!

  2. She is beautiful!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

  3. Oh my, she is beautiful and her hair is really adorable, even short. I hope that you get to travel soon.

  4. She is beautiful! So glad you got an update and what a good report you got too!

  5. Oh, she is darling. And I love her haircut... it looks so neat and is nice for the summer. What a sweet girl!

  6. Oh - Finley baby!

    Fist of all, I think her hair cut is darling!! And it will probably be way grown out since you will be getting her in cooler weather.....

    YES, I cannot wait for you to get to China & pick up this sweet girl - I can't believe how well she is doing - she must be part of an amazing SWI!!!

    Love her lips!

  7. Goosebumps! Simply goosebumpy!!


    Snick :)

  8. That is amazing news! I'm so happy for you.

    She is adorable!!!

  9. I LOVE her shorter hair. She looks younger. If I thought it would make Lydia less like a little girl about to head out to school and more like my baby, I'd cut it. And let's face it, if cutting my hair made ME look younger, I'd be willing to shave my head ; ) So, so happy for you.

  10. Whooo hooo! How exciting to get an update already! She is absolutely adorable! I especially love her pouty lips!

  11. So fun Kristi! She is absolutely adorable... Her short hair is precious on her!!!!! I pray everything moves along... She will be home soon!!!


  12. Awesome that you got updated info and pictures and all seems well. She is just beautiful!

  13. Oh gracious what a blessing that is! She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to you!!!

  14. OMW..
    I have missed out on sooo much..
    I am sooo happy for you girly..
    sorry I couldnt respond earlier.. I have been gone..
    Can't wait to see her in your arms..
    and meet her myself..