Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Update on Finley-- we are soooo excited!!!!!

My agency emailed me this update today and before I opened it I totally thought it would be the pictures I got a few weeks ago but much to my surprise, they were all new pictures with new updates. I am just thrilled and am still in shock with all the great info I am getting on our little one.

We got updated sizes and I am happy to say Finley is smaller than our Mia. They are one year apart in age but Mia is very petite and I worried Finley would be larger than Mia. Turns out Finely is currently 2 years 9 months and is 35 inches which is in the 13th %ile for height (Mia is 37) and weights 29 pounds which is in the 52nd %ile for weight (Mia weighs 29 too but at least Mia gets to be taller-- she wants to be the big sister). So that's it. Here are the adorable pictures of our precious little girl. I can not stand having to wait to get her. At least the orphanage looks like a wonderful place which makes me happy!! Here are the updated pictures of my beautiful girl!!!

I love seeing some personality!! She looks so happy and what a colorful and happy place she is in! I think she is on her bed.

Just precious!

I cant get over how cute she is and what perfect features she has!

What is that-- San Rio?? Not sure and I'm not sure what she thinks either.

Love the look on her face-- too cute-- a little mischievous!!

Playing with a little lady bug thing-- all the beds had one in the larger pics before I cropped them. Must have been a gift from someone.

Absolutely perfect features-- look at those lips--perfect!!

And there you have it!! My perfect little girl. She is amazing and I feel so blessed to have all this info and pictures of her. It is so special but I have a feeling we might have a bit of a dry spell for a while since we have been getting so much info-- but we will see. The orphanage looks amazing so hopefully they will keep the pictures coming!!!


  1. OMW....Finley is TOOOOO CUTE..
    Mia is going to LOVE her little Sister..
    Love it.
    I can't wait to meet her..
    Love you and MISS YOU sooo much..

  2. oh she is just darling!!! How wonderful to have all these updates!!!

  3. Seriously.. That is the sweetest SWI I have ever seen!
    She truly is ADORABLE!! So happy you are getting this. It does a Mama's heart good!!!! You better doll up her room at home! She is going to have great taste!

    So fun!! She is one special baby waiting for you!


  4. She is absolutely adorable! I bet you can't get there fast enough!

  5. She is just precious! I love those lips! Her haircut is really pretty too! Our Emma is 4 1/2, and is 28 pounds, and 36 inches, and she's in a 2T - that should be about Finley's size! I know you can't wait to get her home and snuggle her up! Blessings, Regina

  6. I agree with you - I am always looking at pictures from the orphanage in the background - to see what it looks like - if I can pick up any clues - and Finley's orphanage looks about as good as they come - clean, colorful - they all have their own little toddler beds - and STUFFED animals!! It is kind of funny - whoever is taking her picture - has her pose with a different stuffed animal in every picture - I haven seen that before...

    And you are not even partial - you are RIGHT - Finley is DARLING!! I love her little pixie cut (it's growing so fast!) and her plump lips and dimples in her hands..I could star at her all day!! I am so excited for you getting this update......

    As far as size - I would venture to say she's even smaller than they are saying? Which is good - cause it keeps Mia the "BIG" sister ;)

  7. I am so happy that you received an update on precious Finley! What a blessing! She is absolutely adorable!

  8. She is absolutely precious! These pictures are great! I know you must be about to explode!!

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  10. She is really stunningly must be upside down for her!

    I am so very happy for you, my friend!

  11. Oh gosh! She is just precious!!! What amazing gifts of these GREAT updates!!!! We are so excited for you guys!!

  12. She is beautiful! We are in the middle of our paperwork for a SN adoption. How did you get a referral so quickly? We just had our HS approved and are getting ready to apply for I800. Any tips?

  13. She is sooo cute!!! Congrats!!!!! All the best from KY ... Deb & Family

  14. She's just beautiful!

    Hey, never heard back from you about the Lelli Kellys.

  15. Oh my gosh is she ever adorable. I don't know how you are surviving the wait. Hope you are keeping yourself busy!

  16. So very excited for you Christy! Finley is just precious! I just got with the program and realized that you got a referral over a month ago..... SORRY! I have been living in my own little world these days.

    What a blessing she is..... Can't wait to see her in your arms!



  17. What a pretty little soul. Wonderful to have so many pictures of her, too. Congratulations!