Friday, February 19, 2010

Thanks and Some Song

First off, many of you are probably noticing my blog has a new name and look. Well, I had my wonderful Ashton with Princess Blog Designs do the redo. I love what she did and am so thankful for her amazing abilities even in the craziness of just bringing her brother Andrew home from China. What a trooper she is-- so thanks so much Ashton-- you rock!!!!!!

On another note, Mia has been all about watching herself on video and she constantly is asking to video herself. Most of the videos I let her watch back on the camera and then delete but a few I have saved. I thought I would share one of our recent videos here. So, enjoy the made up lion song-- she makes up songs ALL THE TIME!!!!! Enjoy!

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  1. Your new look is beautiful! And that little Mia is such a cutie!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Adorable...both your blog and Mia's singing! Too cute!

  3. She is so her sassy do and her newly composed lion song;)

  4. That video is a hoot! She is soooo cute! I love her do too!

  5. OMW...
    I LOVE MIA...
    Tooo cute..
    She cracks me up
    Miss ya.. I have so much to talk to you about..

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  7. Too cute Christy! It was great seeing you tonight. Let's get together soon, maybe a DLand day?? Gracie loves to sing too and will make up songs, just like Mia. Go check out my blog and see the video of Gracie drumming to her songs.