Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Marshall's Find

I love shoes more than words could express. I love them for me and consequently, I love them for Mia, so I am always on the lookout for a good deal. Some of the best places to buy shoes- kids or adults- is at Marshall's or Ross. Today I happened into a Marshall's in an area where I was at a training all day and found these. How much you ask? $14.99 for adorable Michael Kors kid shoes-- heck ya!!!!!

Mia has skinny little feet so she cant wear the typical ballet shoe- even if it has a strap over the middle. It must have a strap on the very top area or her little skinny feet will fall out. These shoes are awesome. The 3 elastic straps are held on by a metal buckle and they hit her foot high enough that they stay on. Plus, they are kind of bowed- you know what I mean- when they are off your foot they are kind of make the shape of a "C"-- bowed. Consequently, they stay on her feet beautifully and they are even a bit big on her--yaaaa!!!!

Here is the side view of the adorable find. They are just too cute!!!

And yes, metallics go with everything so I was forced to buy the silver, BUT, they also came in pink and what mom of a girl can say no to an adorable pink sequined ballet flat--- NOT ME!!!

And the adorable side view. Just the cutest little shoes ever!!!! Perfect for spring.

Thanks again f0r all your great suggestions on how to handle Mia's crying. The room thing is working so I will keep up on it. While I was taking pictures of her shoes, she grabbed the camera and turned it to movie mode and started filming me putting the shoes on. While I looked fabulous as always in the movie-- NOT!!!-- I decided to show you a potentially explosive situation (even though I hate the way I look in the video-- such a nice blogger mom). Mia immediately decides she wants something and if she does not get it right then and there, she freaks. In the video you can see her winding up and it could have turned into a full blown tantrum, but thank the LORD it didn't. Enjoy!!!
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  1. Cute shoes and great find! Can't wait until we can get out of the snow boots!


  2. OH MY WORD....those shoes are ADORABLE!! If we weren't going to get 20 inches of snow dumped on us tonight into tomorrow, I would be heading to the local Marshall's to see if I could score a pair of these for Sarah!!

    thanks for sharing your find!!



  3. OMG - I have to run off to marshall's tomorrow to see if they have any here!!!! Adorable!

  4. Too cute!!! LOVE ME SOME MARSHALLS AND ROSS!!! I was in (M's) the other day and they had the cutest kelly green raincoats!! I HAD TO GET IT, my little one has some patent green boots that match it perfect! I'm cutting down on my "shopping addiction", so walking out of Marshall's w/JUST A RAINCOAT was soooooooo hard! Now "passing" up this cute shoes is even harder~Sigh~

  5. OMW... those are TOOOO CUTE..
    Love them..
    and little Miss Mia's outfit is darling..
    And she is tooo cute.. I can see that she held back on that meltdown.. I just love her to pieces..
    Love ya and miss you tons..
    Hope Kevin gets better soon..
    Give the kids hugs..
    Tell Mia to give you a hug from Auntie Kim...

  6. You find the best deals! Kailee has that little dress :) Love Mia's sweet voice, even with a bit of whining ;)
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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