Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy # 3 Birthday Mia and Halloween!!

Since Mia's birthday is October 29, I have a sneaky suspicion that her birthday is often going to get lumped with our Halloween party but we will see. I have some great pictures from my pal Kim's son Nick's Marine Boot camp graduation but there are tons of pictures to go through so I will do that post a little later in the week. So this post is Mia's birthday party and Halloween. We did a little cake party on Mia's actual birthday but those pictures are on the other camera so I will post those later as well but we did her actual birthday party with a jumpy and big cake on Halloween. We usually have a little family get together so we just combined the two parties and it became a Halloween/ Mia party.

Our crew before we went out trick or treating.

This is a horrible picture but I had to show how busy our streets were this year. Remember that scene from ET when the streets were filled with people all dressed up -- that is how it was this year. We just get tons of trick or treaters- tons!! The streets were just full!!

Ethan, Tanner and Mark

Mia and Kaitlyn trick or treating

Kacy, Kas and Owen

On our stairs- the younger cousins- Nathan, Mia, Savannah and Haileyanna

Mia and her cool Dora cake - wow did she love it!!!

Getting ready to blow

Picking out the characters

Mommy cutting the cake with all my servers

Mia's big gift-- the Cool Costco Doll House-- gotta love Costco!!!

I will go through all the Graduation pics and get those posted ASAP. Have a great week-- I have a busy one--ugggg!!!


  1. LOVE the photos...
    looks like a GREAT time..
    love the doll house..
    I sooo can not wait to see the graduation photos..
    I am sooo glad you guys got to come..
    Love ya girly...
    Happy 3rd Birthday Mia....

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday, Mia!!
    I LOVE your GINORMOUS new doll house! And such an incredibly BEAUTIFUL Snow White you are, indeed! :)

    Have a blessed week! <><

  3. Happy, Happy 3rd Birthday Mia! Looks like you had a fun celebration and I LOVE your new dollhouse! :)

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday Mia! You have such a pretty smile. May all your dreams come true!

    Best wishes,

  5. Happy 3rd Birthday Mia! We have the same problem at our house as Alexia's BD is the 27th. We managed a tea party this year. Pics to come on our blog.

  6. What a fun Halloween/b-day party! Mia looks so beautiful! She's going to have so much fun with that doll house!


  7. I just love the streets filled with kids tricker treating like that! Our old neighborhood used to be like that too, it was the best!

    Mia looks so dang proud of her birthday and her new house!!! Yes, Costco is the best!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Miss Mia!! Hope you had a great day!

    Love the dollhouse....that should keep her busy for a while!!

    Have a great week and try not to work too hard:)


  9. Happy Birthday Mia! That doll house is huge!