Friday, November 6, 2009

Where is my camera and Disneyland

I'm a little freaked out right now because I have yet to be able to find my nice Nikon camera. I had it last at Nick's Marine graduation and now I cant find it. I know we took it with us but not sure what happened from the car to the house. All the pictures of the graduation are on there and I would be crushed if I lost those pics as well as my nice camera. Anyway, this is my first day off this week so I will look everywhere and if and when I find it I will post all those awesome graduation pictures.

I wanted to do a quick update. We redid our stairs. Our home was built in 1994 so it has many of the lovely 90's furnishings. We have changed most everything but the stairs were one thing that we thought would be very expensive to change so had put it off but we checked into it recently and decided it was cheaper than we thought so we should go ahead and do it. We had the rails painted and the big room painted and then Kevin removed all the wood spindles and then replaced them with iron spindles we bought online. It ended up making a HUGE difference as our staircase is a very prominent feature in our house right when you walk in. It looks awesome. These are pictures I just had in my camera after the project was complete. They are not good pictures but gives you an idea of what it looks like.

This is the before. I searched for a good picture of the staircase but could not find one. This is a picture from my grandparents 75th wedding anniversary last November 1. You can see a little bit of the staircase but you get the idea-- honey wood- screaming 1990's

The bottom little caps were not on yet but you get the idea. There are little feet that go on the bottom of the spindle- they were not on yet in these pictures.

After the graduation last Friday, Kevin dropped Mia and I off at Disneyland on our way home and I met up with my sister to do Disney at night.

My dorky 11 year old-- he was acting like a total dork for these pictures!

Me and my boys

Me and my kids

Love this picture. I think Mia looks so darn funny! We are on the Peter Pan ride.

My little twerp!!

We had a nice time. Pray I find my camera as that would be quite a loss. Today I have Mia's 3 year old pictures-- a little delayed. I will post them when I get them back.


  1. Wow - -your stair re-do turned out fabulous -- so beautiful!

    Glad you had fun at Disney! Great photos. Hope you find your other camera and have a great weekend!


  2. The stairs look great!

    I'm jealous its so easy for you to just pop by Disney! So fun!

  3. Love your stairs! We did the same thing when we bought our house and it changed the entire look of the house almost!

    I hope you find your camera soon!

  4. LOVE the stairs.. looks AMAZING...
    I sooo hope you find the camera..
    LOVE .. LOVE...LOVE the photos..

  5. Your stairs look AMAZING! I love them!!!! And i am so sorry to hear you have lost your camera I live in a Marine town and I def. know what its like to lose Graduation pics!!!! I hope that you find your camera soon!

  6. Christy, hope you find the camera (fingers crossed) and wanted to say that I love the new color on the walls! Love the whole new look of the stairs but I really need the name of that color, its awesome! Sharon (in NC)

  7. Have you found your camera yet? Hope you find it very soon.

  8. Your staircase looks great!!!! I buy everything online but I would have never thought of iron spindles!! I love it.


  9. Love love love your new staircase!! May I ask what is the name of the paint you used? I love it and would really like to paint mine the same color!! Hope you find your camera!!

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