Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mall~ Gymnastics~ Delay

First off, I have to apologize for the delay in posting. I swear this week just got away from me. I have so many pictures to post that it has become overwhelming to think about going through all of them so I am burying my head in the sand and just using pictures that are on my tiny camera that are easy to upload. Kim-- I promise I will go through all Nick's grad pictures soon-- I have just been so overwhelmed and busy that I have not been able to take that on yet-- but I will-- promise!!!

These first pictures are from when we went to get Mia's 3 year old pictures taken at the mall. We did not do pictures in this outfit (it was the outfit she changed into after pictures) but she still wanted to play the piano so I let her and took these. Her 3 year old pictures came out really cute and I will post those as well, but that is another project to scan those in and post them-- and you know how well I am dealing with projects right now-- horribly-- uggg!!!

My mom and Kevin's mom came to the mall with us and after we went to Cheesecake Factory to have lunch. I looked back while we were walking and saw them both holding Mia's hands and thought that was a great picture.

My mom Julie in red jacket and Kevin's mom Mary in black sweater.

Mia is now old enough to start gymnastics at our local gym now that she is 3. There was a waiting list but they just had a cancellation a couple weeks ago so we just started this past Monday. At first Mia was a bit tentative but she warmed up quickly.

Climbing the rock wall

Waiting while directions are given

Jumping down the long trampoline

Mia loved this part. She loved holding her body up with her arms and kicking her legs in the air.

Helping Mia do a push up

Not sure what she was doing here

Having fun!!!

Sliding down the slide back into the preschool room.

Overall, Mia had a great time and is looking forward to her next class!!!!


  1. LOVE the 3 year old photos.. even if you didn't take that outfit it is ADORABLE>. and those boots are tooo cute..
    Love the photos of Mia in gymnastics...
    Looks like Mia might have found a great thing..
    Love ya..

  2. Cute pictures! Kamree just started gymnastics too and she loves it! I wish they could tumble together!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Mia is so darn cute! It's fun that she is getting old enough to do new things. She looks like she had fun!

    I totally relate on being super busy, I'm right there with you my friend! : )

  4. Sounds like you found your other camera. That is great!

  5. I just love that picture of Mia and her grandmas!
    Mia looks so dang cute at gymnastics!! Hang in there and don't worry is busy! Lots of hugs!!

  6. Ahhh yes, precision gymnastics. I have spent hours upon hours sitting in that waiting room watching my kids. It looks like Mia's having a great time.

    Love the pix with the grandma's at the vic, can't wait to see the pix from the sitting!


  7. Oh, Mia has a future! Probably playing piano AND in gymnastics!!

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