Tuesday, November 17, 2009

San Juan Capistran Mission Field Trip

In the 4th grade in California we study California Mission history. I always loved studying the missions as they were such a place of refuge back in the day. Last week Owen's class went to the San Juan Capistrano mission which is abut 45 minutes from our house. It was a fun field trip to be able to go on - just Owen and I. We had a fun time and since I drove my car with one of his friends, I was able to get them a Starbucks and make it a special time.

Some of his class- Owen is the third from the left.

A student took this picture of us

Our guide explaining the lay out of the mission

San Juan Capistrano is an absolutely beautiful place!!

Not sure what the horse was all about but had to get a picture with it.

Another Owen and Mommy picture

The bell

Checking out the Koi pond fountain thing

The graveyard

Sorry, my history evades me-- not sure who this guy was

Overall a nice time for Owen and I!


  1. Great photos..
    Looks like a BEAUTIFUL place..
    Glad you and Owen got some together time. always special..
    You always look so good..
    LOVE THAT PURSE...I meant to tell you when we saw each other..
    Miss ya..

  2. Wow -- what a great field trip! Looks so beautiful there!


  3. Beautiful! So nice that you could have some special time with Owen! : )

  4. Fourth grade was my favorite grade ever because of the Mission curriculum. I remember my parents taking me to all kinds of missions and then when Jacob was in 4th we did the same thing. Great memories!

  5. mission trips are fun. Capistrano is the best, so beautiful!!!


  6. Glad you got to go with Owen!! Looks like a gorgeous sunny Californian day!!

  7. Everyone should go there! It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I've ever been. We ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant across the street after we visited the mission, too.

    Have you ever gone on one of the whale watching "cruises" from Dana Point? I want to come back for that some day. They start the day after Thanksgiving.

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